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Use a task template for multiple request templates

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Use a task template for multiple request templates

If you have tasks that are often repeated across multiple jobs, you can create a task template and reuse it in multiple request templates. You can also use it on a Facilities request to pull common and repeatable information into a request.

Before you begin

Role required: facilities_admin
Create a request template and an associated task template that contains the information you want to reuse.
Note: Checklist templates are a way to populate a checklist of tasks to be completed. Checklist templates are created on a Facilities request or on a Facilities task. After being created, they can be saved as a template and be reused. See Create a request with the facilities request form.

When you create subsequent request templates, you can select the task template from the Task Template field and save the file.


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Catalog & Knowledges > Facilities Request Templates.
    Name A descriptive name for the Facilities Request Template.
    Short description A short description of the template.
    Description A detailed description of the template.
    Checklist template A Checklist template saved from the Facilities Request Form.
  2. Under Task information, create a task template.
  3. Click Copy Task Template to use a previously created template. Information pre-fills the fields.
    Task type The type of task being requested. Select:
    • Facilities Request Task
    • Move Task
    Name Descriptive name of the task.
    Description Detailed description of the task.
    Depends on Indicates if the task depends on another task. For example, if you have two tasks, you can make task 2 dependent on task 1 completing before task 2 can start.

    After a task and task type are defined, you can select it in the next task in the Depends on choice list.

    Checklist template A Checklist template saved from the Facilities Request Form.
    Assignment group The group assigned to the task.
    Skills The skills required to be assigned to the request.
    Estimated work duration An estimation of the number of days, hours, or minutes to complete the request.
  4. Click Submit or Save.