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GeoJSON map files

GeoJSON map files

The floor plan visualization feature uses files in the GeoJSON format, an open standard for representing geographical features.

Due to the complexity of each file, work with Micello, Inc. or some other vendor to create the floor plan for your organization.
Note: However, creating a floor plan requires GeoJSON knowledge. Ensure that you are familiar with geospatial data and/or GeoJSON data before attempting this task.

For information about the GeoJSON standard, see Object properties in the GeoJSON files are used to create buildings, floors, and spaces.

When cloning an instance, sys_attachments including GeoJSON maps are not cloned by default. See the Exclude large attachment data field in Request a clone .
Note: As an option, you can download the GeoJSON maps from the source tables (fm_map_set and fm_map_set_tranformed) and upload to the destination.