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Create an inbound request

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Create an inbound request

Unlike security incidents, inbound requests are generally of a lower priority. Requests for a lookup, scan, or a new badge are examples of inbound requests.

Before you begin

Roles required: sn_si.basic role or higher


  1. Navigate to one of the Requests forms. For example, Security Incident > Inbound Requests > Assigned to Me, and click New.
  2. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Security request
    Field Description
    Number [Read only] The automatically generated security request number.
    Company The requester company.
    Location The CI location, if applicable. This field is pre-filled when the CI is selected.
    Configuration Item The configuration item affected by the request.
    Priority The priority of the request.
    Opened [Read only] The date and time that the request was opened.
    State The current state of the security request. Upon security request creation, this field defaults to Draft.
    Assignment group The assignment group from which the assigned worker is selected.
    Assigned to The individual assigned to perform the work.
    Short description A brief description of the security request, which is visible to the requester.
    Description The full description of the request, which is visible to the requester.
    Work notes Work notes, which are visible to the requester.
  3. When you have completed your entries, click Submit.
  4. If you must escalate the request to a security incident, click Convert to Security Incident.