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IntegrationHub release notes

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IntegrationHub release notes

ServiceNow® IntegrationHub is a new Now Platform feature in the Kingston release.

Automate integration tasks using ServiceNow-built components for Flow Designer, or develop custom integrations. Requires a separate subscription.

IntegrationHub features

IntegrationHub spokes
Review the integration-specific flows and actions available to each spoke.
ServiceNow eBonding spoke
The ServiceNow eBonding spoke demonstrates some common integration design patterns through a common use case of synchronizing incidents across ServiceNow instances.
Slack Spoke
The Slack Spoke provides actions that facilitate sending messages about incidents and problems to a channel.
Hipchat Spoke
The HipChat Spoke provides actions which automate the creation of conversations, add users to a conversation, and send messages to a conversation.
Microsoft Teams Spoke
The Microsoft Teams Spoke provides actions to automate sending messages about incidents and problems to MS Teams channel.

Activation information

The ServiceNow IntegrationHub Installer plugin (com.glide.hub.integrations) requires a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel. This plugin includes demo data and activates related plugins if they are not already active.