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All other Kingston fixes

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All other Kingston fixes

The Kingston release contains fixes to these problems.

Kingston was released on November 16, 2017.
Build date: 11-11-2017_1422
Build tag: glide-kingston-10-17-2017__patch0-11-06-2017

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Kingston.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Kingston fixed problems, see KB0623762.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

All other Kingston fixes

Problem category Number Short description
Activity Stream PRB1076360 On UI16 activity streams, when filtering journal fields from activity streams, the input is rendered as legacy form input as well
Agile Development PRB755928 Dutch translated choices for rm_story do not work in task progress boards in the agile development module
Agile Development PRB957507 A number of stories appear to link to non-existent sprints
Application Navigator PRB952329 (Accessibility) Inaccessible custom buttons in the application navigator
Application Portfolio Management (APM) PRB1116574 Activating the Application Portfolio Management plugin when the Project Portfolio Suite Portal plugin is also active throws an error: java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Duplicate entry 'heisenberg' for key 'name'
Approvals PRB1069531 Workflow approval activity does not get approval members when they are in a different domain
Archiving PRB868529 Archive rule on a table hierarchy does not archive the related records of children in the hierarchy
Archiving PRB946971 Archiving Destruction rules blocked by ArchiveAccessHandler due to the session disconnection
Assessments PRB1030756 Customized scheduled job: Cancel Expired Assessments is overwritten on an upgrade
Assessments PRB1039071 Quiz > Image scale question > Multiple answers are not showing correctly while opening quiz over quiz designer
Assessments PRB1072602 Survey and Assessment > The 'Assessment Metric Definitions' table asmt_metric_definition is not extending the sys_metadata table
Assessments PRB1109432 Label column has multiple spellings for single state - Cancelled vs Canceled
Assessments PRB1183807 The user with the assessment_admin role is not able to see 'Scheduled Job' field when 'Schedule Type' as 'scheduled' is selected
Asset Management PRB1034016 Enforce CI verification does not set unverified flag on CI to true when CI's model_id does not exist before discovery
Asset Management PRB1058467 When Discovery and SCCM are operating together, the SCCM import creates duplicate Discovery model records
Asset Management PRB1065644 Retired/Decommissioned computers still show 'Assigned to' values
Asset Management PRB657138 Creating assets and CIs from a CMDB model form generates incomplete records
Asset Management PRB678850 Creating a CI with empty model results in creating an asset when asset tracking strategy parameter is set to 'don't create asset'
Asset Management PRB754833 Users get invalid entries in the 'Software Counter Details' related list
Asynchronous Message Bus PRB1078769 The Java AMB client does not parse cookie response headers correctly
Asynchronous Message Bus PRB1197193 Leaking listeners causes the number of listeners to grow which impacts the instance performance over time
Audit Management PRB1109637 In the Audit Management application, the Generate Control Tests button does not work in Istanbul and Jakarta but works in Helsinki
Authentication PRB1076788 Users are generating 'login.failed' events with invalid credentials
Authentication PRB1088436 With the Approval with E-Signature plugin activated, two users can both reject and approve a change request at the same time
Authentication PRB1107249 Issue with the SSO authentication when IdPs embed issuer element in assertion and not in response
Authentication PRB1153954 SAML2 SSO fails for usernames starting with 'http'
Authentication PRB1155289 'SNC User Lockout Check with Auto Unlock' only works when the account is unlocked by the system
Authentication PRB1160200 URL generated by ServiceNow to get OAuth token has bad syntax (?&) when OAuth Scope is defined as the string instead of URL
Authentication PRB675320 SAML / MultiSSO - Single logout does not support SHA-256
Authentication PRB719521 OAuth grant_type of refresh_token returns access denied
Authentication PRB788164 Fail to use the preProcessToken interceptor method to add custom name/value pairs through the OAuthUtil script
Authentication PRB1191689 Cannot login via SSO while an upgrade is in progress
Authentication - Local DB Login PRB757223 The user is redirected to the list without a filter when logging in again
Automated Test Framework PRB1149655 atf_input_variable forms and sections appear broken - the form layout has sections, but the form does not render them
Change Management PRB1058915 When maintenance schedules is defined for the scoped (change) application, no tables shows in the 'applies to' field
Change Management PRB1065763 Maintenance Windows and Changes schedule can be very slow on systems with many change_request tasks
Change Management PRB1068296 If a user adds a catalogue item to their shopping cart and does not check out, when they navigate to Change > Create New > Standard Change to create a standard change template, they see the catalogue item on the same page
Change Management PRB1107513 CAB Workbench: The counter showing how many are in attendance at a meeting is not being updated
Change Management PRB1119110 Mandatory closure information not enforced on the change task form under certain conditions
Change Management PRB1157199 Maintenance Windows and Changes schedule can be very slow on systems with a large number of change_request tasks
Change Management PRB759291 The 'Proposed Change Verification Log' related link on Change Request forms does not work for non-admin users
Change Management PRB924613 'show_ci_health' UI macro does not work correctly for the 'Affected CI' field on new change request records if there is a UI policy on the field
Change Management PRB953719 CAB Manager is not getting agenda notify events
Change Management Conflict Detector PRB1015102 The value for the conflict_Status field is already set, rather than None
Change Management Conflict Detector PRB1103073 If an affected CI is a child with many parents, conflict detection can lead to high memory usage when checking for conflict detection
Chat PRB1007592 Local images cannot be pasted into Connect
Clone Issues PRB934334 Okta properties need to be preserved
Cloud Management Application PRB1030811 Data from Azure billing discovery sometimes ignores smaller downloads (less than 3 MB)
Cloud Management Application PRB1057102 Orchestration - VMware Support plugin overwrites changes made to the packaged virtualization_provider record
Cloud Management Application PRB1076722 Blueprint functionality does not work when the resource blocks inside the blueprint contain special characters
Cloud Management Application PRB1108670 An error occurs when the data type is set to None for catalog properties and users try to publish a Catalog item
Cloud Management Application PRB1110596 Azure discovery fails with "Missing service principal field: ClientId" when both v1 and v2 are installed
Cloud Management Application PRB1151479 Custom approval policy fails
Cloud Management Application PRB1153803 Order fails with an Java error
Cloud Management Application PRB1153817 Unable to dynamically inject variables into pools
Cloud Management Application PRB1153830 Payload size error during the Azure discovery
Cloud Management Application PRB1155751 Blueprint: Need to fix around the blueprint import/export along with CSD work
Cloud Management Application PRB1158173 AWS config creates EC2 instances with the state of "error" due to v1 workflows triggered accidentally after an upgrade
Cloud Management Application PRB1160539 While using custom CFT template lines of codes, Blueprint is not able to populate the variables
Cloud Management Application PRB1182010 Certain resource script goes missing on in-family Jakarta upgrades which causes discovery to fail
Cloud Management Application PRB1186655 AWS Cloudformation stack discovery has paging error when there are many results (v1)
Cloud Management Application PRB1203162 VMware VMWareConfigureWindowsProbe: Time zone getting parsed incorrectly when prefixed with zero
Cloud Management Application PRB1203198 Node credential creation fails to pick up image credentials
Condition Builder PRB1162225 [More than] [Less than] filter does not work with date comparisons in Jakarta
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1020654 Checkpoint reaper encounters an error when trying to set the previous checkpoint reference to a non-existent system ID
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1036958 Incorrect overall value on the CMDB Dashboard metrics
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1073483 The CMDB scheduled changes formatter shows proposed change requests that are not active, or are in Closed/Cancelled states
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1074354 The edit_ci_relations ACL is not being invoked for the new "CI Relations" formatter
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1114116 CMDB query builder does not return correct results
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1118063 Duplicate records in the exported CSV file
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1152092 [Service Model]: Custom CI types or fields that were later deleted by users should be handled gracefully once fetching from svc_model_obj_element
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1152725 Desired state audit fails
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1167873 Customer-updated records in the cmdb_health_scorecard_threshold table are overwritten in upgrades
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1167901 CMDB dashboard relationship widgets do not calculate properly
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1170710 Date picker with an unusual date selection pane in the CMDB Relationship Editor (Chrome)
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB1202122 The relationships do not show after CIs are added using the new formatter
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB858779 Unable to update any values to null using the id/recon API SNC.IdentificationEngineScriptableApi.createOrUpdateCI
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB900041 Label of one element 'busines_criticality' reverts back to OOTB after the instance upgrade or plugin activation
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB934902 Slow query is triggered by scheduled job 'CMDB Query Builder suggested relationships cache refresh'
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB947592 The CI Relations formatter on CMDB CI forms ignores the dictionary Display field and instead always displays CI 'name' values
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB959257 CMDB Dashboard metric hangs in 'in progress' state in the cmdb_health_metric_status table, causing the job to not run according to its schedule
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) PRB964340 CMDB health dashboard: Metric 'Name' is not translated (Completeness, Compliance, Correctness)
Contextual Search PRB1038423 Previewing an article from related search results is showing an empty overlay
Contextual Search PRB1104823 Large input in the comments catalog variable can cause stack trace in the contextual search
Contextual Search PRB1106915 Contextual search 'Preview' fails in Connect Support
Contextual Search PRB1156748 Preview in the contextual search displays blank for knowledge articles with the attachment type as PDF
Contextual Search PRB953812 Loading the knowledge article from preview takes more time than loading it from kb_knowledge
Contract Management PRB624602 The m2m table clm_m2m_contract_asset is treated as a one to many tables
Contract Management PRB679898 The Contract model is not visible to contract manager
Contract Management PRB713875 When the system date format is not the system default, the contract state is set to 'Expired'
Contract Management PRB933867 Renewal end date shows exactly the same date instead of 1 day less for the renewal end date in the contract management
Core Platform PRB1039961 Inconsistent behavior when saving form after editing value on the related list
Core Platform PRB1041345 Business rules with queries in condition alter sys_action
Core Platform PRB1069133 In the application scope, array "forEach" does not work correctly when used with a callback function
Core Platform PRB1077509 Duplicate submits result in unique key violations and duplicate task numbers
Core Platform PRB1078820 NullPointerException on Oracle using UI16 and Scoped Administration when there is an empty role
Core Platform PRB1096460 Illegal access warnings similar to illegal access to method getURLString in class com.glide.sys.Transaction - post Jakarta upgrade
Core Platform PRB1105762 Issue with translated HTML field in a template for non-English users
Core Platform PRB1114040 When following a link in a ServiceNow generated email, users can navigate to an invalid record showing an SQL error
Core Platform PRB1149592 Configure default "goto" search operator >= can be slow on large tables
Core Platform PRB1167704 After installing a plugin, not all necessary script includes are loaded
Core Platform PRB1170359 Related List query throws error: Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Not unique table/alias: 'cmdb0')
Core Platform PRB1171210 The Table API seems to have an issue when 'dot walking'
Core Platform PRB1179701 The 'active transactions (all nodes)' module requires records created for sys_execution_tracker
Core Platform PRB713495 A report exported to PDF that includes the 'watch list contains' filter displays the sys_id of the watch list members instead of the user name
Core Platform PRB749267 When grouping by state on the change_request table, the result often returns an integer instead of the state value
Core Platform PRB865237 Attaching images with large dimensions will spike the node memory severely
Core Platform PRB913389 List field and slushbucket do not retain language translations
Core Platform PRB933987 Filter condition containing roles = role_name generates Stack Overflow error when the roles column uses the no_subquery attribute
Core Platform PRB963801 glide_list fields made from choice entries instead of referenced records expose choice cache race condition
CSM Communities PRB1209386 Communities form admins cannot see the Accept button in the answers section, and they cannot change Accept to true or false via kb_social_qa_answer_list
Currency PRB1028628 ROI value does not change when using the pencil to update assessment data
Customer Service Management PRB1021742 ACL added by Customer Service Management plugin restricts the read operation of (sys_user.sys_id) for users who do not have the "snc_external" role
Customer Service Management PRB1026026 Duplicate index issue on account_code
Customer Service Management PRB1035014 Unexpected behavior when the matching rule has multiple selection criteria
Customer Service Management PRB1069149 Clicking the account on a few records from the list view of customer_contact.list gives the "Record not found" error
Customer Service Management PRB1095711 Users cannot create an asset
Customer Service Management PRB1099126 The users from the account selected are not available
Customer Service Management PRB1100483 New UI action for sn_customerservice_case is not associating the case records to the related list
Customer Service Management PRB1107640 Approval workflow is not working as expected when a plugin is active
Customer Service Management PRB1110594 Users are redirected to platform login from the CSM portal - reproducible only with the "Customer Service" theme
Customer Service Management PRB1152046 Option 'Ignore cache' for 'com.snc.cs_base.last.generated.code.tree.path' property should be set to true by default
Customer Service Management PRB1168543 Error pops up on the case task form when trying to change assigned to
Customer Service Management PRB1169107 isEmailValid function used by Create Contact cat item is not always defined
Customer Service Management PRB1177727 In CSM, users are unable to get inbound emails to create cases when users type a variation of the Case Email Address property
Customer Service Management PRB1185958 The OOTB email script "sn_customerservice_case_get_email_to" sometimes returns the user_name from the wrong email account
Customer Service Management PRB925063 OpenFrame configuration: URL does not work with the query statement
Customer Service Management PRB944837 Clicking 'Find Agent' and 'Save' on new sn_customerservice_case records throws an error message, and a new record with only assigned_to field populated is created
Customer Service Management PRB967378 An upgrade to a newer version brings back demo data for the Customer Service Management Demo Data plugin
Database Indexes PRB718539 sys_event table is missing the good index for update queries
Data Certification PRB638284 Data certification shows duplicated check marks in the Certification Task Elements embedded list
Delegated Development PRB946170 Unable to configure the activity formatter in the scoped application
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB1026150 BSM/Dependency View search does not work when search string contains a quote (')
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB1078460 After upgrade to Helsinki or Istanbul, users do not see cmdb_ci_spkg type CI in the search box of /$ page
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB1083937 When exporting the BSM Map (Dependency View) as an image, depending on the size of the map, the resolution is low and impossible to read properly
Dependency Views (BSM Map) PRB703507 Inactivating a field on the bsm_edge_color table deletes the users list view for the table
Discovery PRB1032358 Windows 2008 Storage powershell script produces incomplete JSON output, causing the post-processing script to fail with JSON parse error
Discovery PRB1034997 Single discovery sensor with a large number of sysblocks in output causes the high memory
Discovery PRB1038015 Tab character in WMI query Win32_MappedLogicalDisk.DeviceID causes error in Windows 2008 storage discovery
Discovery PRB1040363 Discovery sets the cmdb_ci field as "undefined" on the discovery_device_history table
Discovery PRB1041043 SNMP discovered devices short_description is not updated
Discovery PRB1042026 Discovery Dashboard: Upcoming Discovery Schedules widget broken due to looping through leftover 'Run after' schedule values
Discovery PRB1042770 When discovering windows 2016 servers disk partitions are not populated for the host storage
Discovery PRB1058833 In the Next-Gen BSM plugin, the file 'sys_properties.xml' exists causing some properties to be overridden during an upgrade
Discovery PRB1066448 Plugin activation caused the deletion of customer data
Discovery PRB1068112 Discovery fails to start
Discovery PRB1069174 cim_object_path may not be set by "CIM - Identity - WBEM Service" probe
Discovery PRB1073805 Slow Discovery and stuck Schedulers due to the software management sensors hitting the RecordEnsurer mutex contention
Discovery PRB1073935 vCenter probe hangs when the target does not respond on port 443
Discovery PRB1074370 Discovery WebSphere Server Classification script fails to parse the 'Parameters' of running process
Discovery PRB1075293 MID Server only caches the first 250 scripts
Discovery PRB1079052 SNMP data type Counter64 not handled properly
Discovery PRB1082949 Removing the Ajax calls affected what CI indicator does to the task table
Discovery PRB1087397 Discovery Configuration console not showing any Devices, and applications shown as ​{}}
Discovery PRB1089523 "Run/After Discovery" option for AZURE Discovery Schedules does not work
Discovery PRB1090022 "WMB on Windows Pattern" failed in the "extract the install directory "
Discovery PRB1091855 Unix uptime probe: cmdb_ci.Start_Date toggling between two values which are 2 minutes apart
Discovery PRB1094565 Save option is not available on Catalog Items/Business Rules/UI Actions/Client Scripts
Discovery PRB1097241 Allowing cluster nodes to be filtered out
Discovery PRB1099033 'mid_server.cluster.down' is being thrown in the wrong place (and multiple times)
Discovery PRB1102123 Storage discovery is modifying the same cmdb_ci_iscsi_export record multiple times by the same sensor, generating too many sys_audit records
Discovery PRB1105942 Discovery needs to create membership relationships (cmdb_rel_ci) between cmdb_ci_win_cluster and cmdb_ci_win_cluster _node
Discovery PRB1116898 If a pattern with '&' in its name is created, all the patterns on MID Server are deleted
Discovery PRB1118184 PatternPrePostHook - JSON.stringify(result) throws error
Discovery PRB1155398 cmdb_serial_number table not populated for ESX servers discovered
Discovery PRB1159053 MID Server sets ECCQ output records from processing to ready when there is an SSL handshake exception even through MID Server is processing that record
Discovery PRB1167118 Discovery Console device options not taken into account in discovering devices
Discovery PRB1173972 DNS Domain field set only when a CI is created by Discovery
Discovery PRB1179547 MID Server downgrading from Jakarta to any pre-Jakarta release fails
Discovery PRB1180998 Linux host disk size total erroneously includes Thinly Provisioned Disks (which indirectly map to a portion of a physical storage device whose storage size contributes to the total Linux host disk size)
Discovery PRB1195015 SNMP community strings in Shazzam input do not show
Discovery PRB1204637 Large number of ECC queue records are created with Topic: SystemCommand, Source: FileChange, Name: ecc_agent_script_file
Discovery PRB666397 Cannot insert records into web_service_launcher_lookup when the database is Oracle
Discovery PRB667071 When Discovering IBM SAN Volume controllers, users need help getting FQDN instead of a short name
Discovery PRB667528 Multiple Hyper-V server records are created during the initial discovery of Hyper-V
Discovery PRB667940 Web application and web service records can be created with "sys_id=undefined" in Websphere sensors
Discovery PRB671289 Discovery is not updating "prod_id" values on certain software installation records (cmdb_sam_sw_install) starting in Fuji
Discovery PRB674112 Port number for dscy_switchport requires a forwarding entry with the same interface index
Discovery PRB677504 Version missing from OS in the software table
Discovery PRB684156 Discovery will continue and can classify/identify/explore on multiple ports after UNIX - Classify probe returns an unhandled error
Discovery PRB690594 Running processes are created without populating the parent reference
Discovery PRB691681 Discovering free storage space does not work on some versions of Solaris
Discovery PRB702376 Duplicate Manufacturers are stored during Discovery - Make and Model issues
Discovery PRB703039 Default Gateway is not populated for Solaris server CIs or their network adapters
Discovery PRB704738 Duplicate "discovery.phase.complete" events are created for a canceled discovery, which can cause duplicate "Run after" Discovery Schedules to be triggered
Discovery PRB716750 Incorrect warning message related to ZFS member storage whenever running discovery against a virtual solaris server running on an actual Solaris server
Discovery PRB726659 Weblogic application names flip flop and some other issues
Discovery PRB729869 Grep Command (on UNIX) may return outputs containing colors (i.e. text containing vt100 escape sequence)
Discovery PRB733283 Sensor: Hyper-V - Virtual Machines cannot update serial number and memory for Hyper-V Virtual Machine Instance, Hyper-V is on Windows Server 2012
Discovery PRB741638 "Windows - Cluster" sensor fails to create the cmdb_rel_ci record for hosted on::hosts
Discovery PRB753735 On SCCM 2012 v2, Publisher field on the cmdb_sam_sw_install table is empty when the source contains (R),®,™,(TM),Incorporate, Inc. suffixes
Discovery PRB760273 Serial_number is not populated in cmdb_ci_file_system for windows servers after Eureka
Discovery PRB825178 CIM Fabric probe returns unacceptable large payloads
Discovery PRB887860 CimProbe fails to use namespace other than value in the first position in 'mid.cim.interop.namespaces' property, and throws CIM_ERR_INVALID_NAMESPACE: interop
Discovery PRB887870 Hardcoded defaultValue: 'interop' for 'interopNamespace' in "Discovery Port Probe wbem" ignores other namespaces and causes the failure of discovery for devices with namespace
Discovery PRB907062 On discovery plugin activation, there is an error for "The table name must be non nil"
Discovery PRB907490 must_sudo does not work when the SSH user is not using a supported shell
Discovery PRB908813 firmware_version not populated on cmdb_ci_storage_server after discovery
Discovery PRB923751 "Discovery Source" field is not being set on all Application CIs
Discovery PRB932853 Error in Windows - Weblogic - Find config probe: "Unexpected expression or statement"
Discovery PRB932917 Discovery may populate process parameters incorrectly as Oracle Listener application names
Discovery PRB935128 CISCO network switch CI is not getting 'Switch Partition' or 'Switch Ports' details linked during discovery as its corresponding 'can_switch' attribute is being set 'false'
Discovery PRB942869 Discovery incorrectly classifies a Linux server if the release file has ID_LIKE set to another OS
Discovery PRB945908 A discovery can be set to 'complete' before it is actually complete, due to counting duplicate ecc_queue inputs
Discovery PRB948359 Error message from the 'Windows - Storage 2012' sensor after collecting storage information from node in the windows cluster
Discovery PRB951373 Discovery cannot read network adapter MAC address in Linux Centos 7+ and RHEL 7+
Discovery PRB956054 Shazzam credential affinities are only populated when 'range' parameter has 'include' elements
Discovery PRB958439 When the payload is processing, the UCS-HD pattern throws an error
Discovery PRB966620 System property set as 'f' is causing customer confusion
Discovery PRB997171 SCCM Integration shortcuts the ability to use the ignore=true flag on an onBefore transform script to skip a row
Discovery PRB997304 MID Server selection in quick discovery UI is not using complete reference, causing issues with preferences and selection
Domain Support PRB1015425 After adding dot-walked Domain table columns in Task table, the domain.domain column values are duplicated from the value in the first row
Domain Support PRB1059048 When users are assigned to 200 or more groups, the instance can become slow
Domain Support PRB1068290 Domain Separation (com.glide.domain.msp_extensions) installs Project Management v3
Domain Support PRB1086596 Erroneous domains are allowed to be set into GlideSession
Domain Support PRB1150574 "Invalid update" error message when updating My Company information
Domain Support PRB1171334 The domain plugin should not be activated as a dependency of any other plugin
Domain Support PRB642570 Suggestion choices for domains do not appear for lower level domains
Domain Support PRB649761 Using record domain does not work for choice lists in mobile
Domain Support PRB897957 m2m list view shows up display names for referenced records even if the user and referenced records are on different domains
Domain Support PRB932483 Domain picker automatically changes to global after updating a record that is followed by another user
Domain Support PRB997761 Domain for user role record is not getting correctly set if the role is added to the user through a group
Edge Encryption PRB1017299 Mass encryption of attachments will cause business rules to fail which will overwhelm the instance
Edge Encryption PRB1041562 Updating to a report list view fails if the filter contains a '<' indication
Edge Encryption PRB1083548 Exception occurred during the execution of function RestDeleteCondition in rules: null in proxy logs
Edge Encryption PRB1091305 EOF messages in edge encryption log files
Edge Encryption PRB1106450 When MID Server is connected through Edge Encryption proxy, MID Server no longer communicates with the instance when an Encryption pattern is active
Edge Encryption PRB1109368 "Download All" button in Istanbul does not work with Edge Encryption on encrypted attachments
Edge Encryption PRB1155624 Edge proxies fail to recover from network outages, exceeding the exchange queue size and never catching up to it once the network recovers
Edge Encryption PRB1156385 The proxy fails to compile and stops working as expected
Edge Encryption PRB1172763 Edge proxy upgrade downloads for auto-upgrades are not using the web proxy settings, making it fail in some of those configurations
Email PRB1102170 Preview email HTML body is applying UI16 styles to the email
Email PRB1157800 Email sent by non-global domain users via the email client is creating in the user domain instead of creating it in the incident domain
Email PRB1162252 Missing sys_notification_category for column 'category' is referenced in this update when moving records using the update set from one upgraded instance to another upgraded instance
Email PRB1164153 When using the ${description} variable in email client templates, all new line entries are removed from the description, resulting in a single line of text
Email PRB1175572 SSL certificate exceptions in Helsinki and later
Email PRB700232 ORGANIZER:MAILTO:${from} in email template 'change.calendar.integration' does not get the value of the 'From' field in notification 'Notify Change Calendar'
Email PRB731091 The stop processing is not working when the 'Action Type' is set to 'Reply Email' for the inbound email action
Email PRB761136 Hebrew translation for "Compose Email" is breaking the JavaScript on the email client page
Email PRB902034 "Compose Email" window in IE will display an empty space at the bottom until the window is resized
Email PRB960093 Domain separation - When using the 'send email' button feature from within an incident, emails are not received correctly
Email PRB995286 The OOTB inbound email action 'Process CAB meeting invite replies' is not working as expected
Embedded Help PRB1075492 Admin users do not have access to Embedded Help > Help Content
Embedded Help PRB1095451 Tables created via the WYSIWYG (tinyMCE) editor's insert table option do not work in embedded help. They show a white box with grey text.
Embedded Help PRB1095475 Users can create a new record with the ServiceNow Help checked
Event Management PRB1030539 Out-of-the-box connector for vRealize contains issue with Additional info JSON data, where keys are having white space in the end.
Event Management PRB1057120 OOM occurs in ImpactStatusUpdater.loadAlert GroupsAndFilteredBSS because AlertHistory had no equals or hash functions
Event Management PRB1057194 Business rule "Abort redundant incident updates" prevents bulk close for alerts
Event Management PRB1080896 Domain Separation: Fix alert correlation does not work as expected in domain-separated environments
Event Management PRB1089078 Alert console groups are not visible in the non-modern cell coloring
Event Management PRB1090522 Random incident being updated when an alert is closed if an alert rule is configured to create a remediation task or any task other than the incident
Event Management PRB1103660 "All alerts" ( does not work with Listv3 due to incompatible UI Actions
Event Management PRB1157135 Event rule breaks when additional info contains value which is not a string
Event Management PRB1157539 Rule Designer: Rule editor stacks after the browser opens the leave-stay dialog
Event Management PRB1173838 Events migrated to Jakarta cannot be updated unless create_alert_freq and create_alert_int fields are populated
Event Management PRB1184567 Zabbix connector fails when a field (item) is missing on the trigger list
Event Management PRB908219 Reopening alerts in maintenance reopens incidents. While reopening alerts, connected incidents are reopened without any check of alert rule conditions
Express to Enterprise PRB1201552 On converted instances, the property is set to false, preventing the access for admin to many tables
Express to Enterprise PRB1201241 Istanbul and later - After a conversion from Express to Enterprise, the ACL needs to grant the access to admins by default
Facilities Service Management PRB1083503 The Floor Plan Filters popover is slow when there are many rendered options (10,000 or more)
Facilities Service Management PRB1111350 After upgrading to Jakarta, users are unable to open a new facilities space page under the space management module
Facilities Service Management PRB1116400 Enterprise Move Details - "To Location" reference qualifier includes retired spaces
Facilities Service Management PRB947398 The activity for facilities_request is showing the word Assigned in French - Affecté when I18N: French Translations is activated
Field Normalization PRB825518 Activating the Field Normalization plugin in Helsinki shows an error "Table 'fn_xform_round' does not exist"
Field Service Management PRB1200536 Team calendar under Manager in the Field service does not show the team member events/appointments
Field Service Management PRB1184419 Upgrade reverts the related list customizations of sm_part_requirement to OOTB
Field Service Management PRB1073873 SLA map displays corrupted date when property (glide.sys.date_format) is modified
Field Service Management PRB1097014 Business rule "Group Member Delete - Location" (part of Territory Management plugin) deletes multiple sys_user_covers_location records
Field Service Management PRB1151956 Unlike in the desktop UI, on mobile, when users reject a work order task assigned to them, they are not required to add a rejection reason in the work notes
Field Service Management PRB664016 Google Maps shows no pointers for specific locations using field services task if estimated end time value is empty or/and business_percentage is empty
Field Service Management PRB902851 Field Service Management - "Source" functionality in Work Order Tasks is showing schedule in wrong time zone
Field Service Management PRB922178 Re-assigned wm_task records can be stuck in the "Assigned" state when "Agent must accept or reject the assigned task" is set to false
Filters PRB1031955 Inconsistent behavior when filtering Composite Fields that contain an ampersand (&)
Financial Management PRB1002787 'Refresh Automatically' functionality in 'Allocation Setup' tab of 'Cost Transparency Workbench' does not work
Financial Management PRB1018338 Null amount staged lines will cause allocation engine to fail if "Create General Ledger Expense Lines" is on
Financial Management PRB1030374 [Istanbul] Allocation setup creates new cost centers when cost center are matched by code not name
Financial Management PRB1040619 Breakdowns are taking long time because of too many queries
Financial Management PRB1061774 Budget actuals exclude the last day of the month for periods in GL staged data
Financial Management PRB1069314 No records are displayed when the vendor name contains an ampersand
Financial Management PRB1104017 When a hierarchy has more than 10 levels, segments do not display on the Workbench UI
Financial Management PRB1112746 Cost allocation data is incorrect in Jakarta
Financial Management PRB1173476 Data movement issue between Gl Cleansed and Groomed Table for new Entities
Financial Management PRB662489 Expense Line ignores selected currency of a Task Rate Card
Financial Management PRB728235 Timezone is not considered in Financial Management Workbench validation reports
Financial Management PRB756358 Instance timezone incorrectly affects the generation of budget contract breakdowns
Financial Management PRB877210 When the system property 'glide.sys.time_format' uses format of HH:mm, validating fiscal periods causes a validation error
Financial Management PRB879472 Total cost is not getting updated properly based on the base cost (or payment amount) entered on the fm_ci_rate_card_cost (or ast_contract) table
Financial Management PRB898822 Financial Management Parent budget owner is not able to view child budget owners Budget Plan
Financial Management PRB917206 Financial Planning - Forecast Asset Depreciation Budget item is not populating amount
Financial Management PRB923911 Cost fields on Budget Item - The conversion of value from local currency to plan currency fails when value is 0
Financial Management PRB997046 Accounts are automatically categorized when the amount is $0
Flow Designer PRB1067829 Dragging a record type pill to the script input variable resolves the record to its sysid, disabling dot walking in the script
Flow Designer PRB1078010 The action names should be unique with a scope applications
Flow Designer PRB1095331 ListV3 condition builder does not have the "Keywords" column for the Incident (problem, change request) table
Forms and Fields PRB1204839 NoneChoice.getLabel for every choice in the list (addAll)
Forms and Fields PRB1006204 Question Mark symbol on HTML variables keeps on duplicated when it is marked as readonly true/false
Foundation PRB1161349 [Service Portal & Facilities Service Management]: Submitting a facilities request record producer creates an "GlideTransaction is not allowed in scoped applications"
Foundation PRB1165345 State flow control issue
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB946963 sn_grc_issue UI actions are gone, so users cannot move the state of the issue through the process flow
Governance, Risk and Compliance PRB956734 Customized record on knowledge base table is overwritten by an upgrade due to the incorrect update name
Guided Tours PRB1113739 Editing a guided tour with designer in Jakarta on UI15 crashes the browser
HTML Editor PRB1041585 Tooltip values are not translated
HTML Editor PRB734750 HTML editor add/insert link does not stay
Human Resources PRB1173286 Manage content issues
Human Resources PRB824668 Priority defaults to 4-Low when the Configure Dictionary on that field shows a default value to be 3
Human Resources Service Management PRB1002438 Variables with the same value for the 'question_text' field are listed only once in the 'description' field of the hr_case record that gets created
Human Resources Service Management PRB1042630 Notification recipients do not work when using dot-walked fields
Human Resources Service Management PRB1059237 If the scoped application does not provide any of its own ACLs, then tables are not accessible by any users
Human Resources Service Management PRB1078904 g_form.setSectionDisplay is not working for client script
Human Resources Service Management PRB1100752 Users cannot edit HR services from Lifecycle Events or Integrations application in HR core scope
Human Resources Service Management PRB1100767 Users cannot edit V1 catalog when both V1 and V2 plugins are installed
Human Resources Service Management PRB1111348 Using the 'HRI My Information' widget in a size 3 container does not wrap word properly
Human Resources Service Management PRB1114710 Empty HR tasks are being created in the sn_hr_core_task table every time a survey is created
Human Resources Service Management PRB1117288 HR tasks event is not functioning properly
Human Resources Service Management PRB1179677 HR Service Portal still displays the 'Chat with HR' header menu item even if the Connect Support is disabled
Human Resources Service Management PRB1192021 After creating the bulk HR cases - clicking Show Cases button is taking back to the home page
Human Resources Service Management PRB955948 HR - UI issue on Safari, Service Portal header links are not aligned properly
Human Resources Service Management PRB958022 Value for record in "Create HR Case" is not being saved after the change
Import / Export PRB1028309 When exporting to excel a list with price fields in Istanbul the format on the excel spreadsheet is text field and not a formatted currency value
Import / Export PRB1075927 Broken XLSX file shows success on Istanbul but failure in pre-Istanbul
Import / Export PRB1109691 LDAP Listener via MID Server stops intermittently
Import / Export PRB1187590 Import data via Excel stalls during an upload in Jakarta due to missing roles
Import / Export PRB581126 When exporting a report to CSV, the column name uses the field ID rather than the label
Import / Export PRB921801 LDAP Integration- Browsing from the LDAP server form shows the filter as "undefined" rather than being blank
Import / Export PRB944813 Large CSV/JDBC/XLS imports holds memory through the import process
Import / Export PRB944979 Using SOAPMessage with ecc_queue in transform scripts fails the transformation
Import / Export PRB954838 Unable to export currency value in the currency it was entered in
Incident Alert Management PRB1191628 Users can create multiple conference calls because the slush bucket is not going away
Incident Alert Management PRB960203 After Conference call is initiated, 'Initiate Conference Call' UI action is still present
Incident Management PRB1042142 AssociateCIToTask addAll method introduce unnecessary computation and might exceed the string limit
Incident Management PRB1072526 When an incident is resolved, the Closed by does not populate as it will only populate when the incident is closed
Incident Management PRB753411 User presence does not update reference fields when (UserId) or first/last contain a comma ","
Instance Automation PRB924859 [sys_properties] records for glide.war.assigned missing in instance due to missing field values such as sys_id
IT Business Management PRB1038440 Burn down chart fails for point values greater than 1000 when story points have dot (.)
IT Operations Management PRB1066250 MID Server memory metrics shows wrong data when MID Server memory is allocated 4 GB
Knowledge Management PRB1016345 Users subscribed to a knowledge base do not receive email notifications when the article is either created or revised
Knowledge Management PRB1018905 When adding an image to a Knowledge article via the Image field, this image is not displayed anywhere (portal/back-end)
Knowledge Management PRB1031834 In an advanced knowledge base search (from incidents), knowledge bases titles are not displayed in the correct language
Knowledge Management PRB1032300 "Disable suggesting" option on Knowledge Base does not update all articles in KB when clicking on "Update"
Knowledge Management PRB1034369 Users without a role see legacy KB comments instead of live feed
Knowledge Management PRB1058885 Activating "Spanish" via Basic Setup > Languages throws error: Invalid plugin name: com.glideapp.knowledge3
Knowledge Management PRB1077205 Knowledge Management search does not work as expected
Knowledge Management PRB1078669 Issue in getCurrentRelatedContent() of KBViewModelSNC script include
Knowledge Management PRB1078746 Screen focus is not changing while selecting knowledge article from knowledge search page if there are many categories
Knowledge Management PRB1081985 The ESS knowledge portal has only 20 categories displayed
Knowledge Management PRB1086603 When High Security Settings is not active, the import on the knowledge home does not take in any input
Knowledge Management PRB1093451 In the mobile view, images are not responsive according to the screen size of the device for knowledge articles
Knowledge Management PRB1105067 The page kb_article_view does not render properly in French language
Knowledge Management PRB1109869 With CSM plugin activated public/external users are not able to access knowledge articles in KB which does not have any user criteria
Knowledge Management PRB1113253 Inconsistent behavior when "Disable suggesting" and "Disable commenting" for the knowledge base when on the form vs. the list edit mode
Knowledge Management PRB1114449 Knowledge search on the Knowledge homepage misbehaves after searching on empty strings
Knowledge Management PRB1165724 KB workflow state history is not updating correctly in Jakarta
Knowledge Management PRB1173149 Allow all forms of search to return knowledge articles irrespective of language as long as there is a keyword match in that language
Knowledge Management PRB1175038 After an upgrade to Jakarta, the 'News' page ( no longer displays articles
Knowledge Management PRB1187265 Missing translation in the Knowledge search result page after upgrading from Helsinki to Jakarta
Knowledge Management PRB670593 In IE11, the scroll bar overwrites the content displayed with Knowledge search from Incidents
Knowledge Management PRB689691 Category picker does not load for newly created knowledge bases (e.g. while creating an article)
Knowledge Management PRB709369 Incorrect sys_domain values in an OOB sys_ui_list entry
Knowledge Management PRB712958 Multiple entries for Questions type knowledge articles appear after scrolling in the Knowledge category
Knowledge Management PRB717628 Knowledge Product Entitlement restrictions do not work correctly for contacts of accounts with no assets
Knowledge Management PRB751818 The profile thumbnail for the author of a knowledge article is squished vertically
Knowledge Management PRB857856 Dependent field value of field in dictionary is not used for linking other articles in wiki knowledge articles
Knowledge Management PRB904141 Knowledge "Flagged" is not setting back even when the feedback is deleted
Knowledge Management PRB931938 Cannot use the 'Update all' list editor function on Knowledge articles
Knowledge Management PRB946249 Attaching a knowledge article to an incident throws an error
Knowledge Management PRB962869 Knowledge search text is no longer translatable/translated by default
Language and Translations PRB1154916 Page "kb_search" > Widget "Knowledge Result Sort" the Sort Field labels are not translated: "Views", "Newest", "Alphabetical"
Language and Translations PRB963881 ITSM Guided setup shows as in English instead of Japanese after upgraded Istanbul patch 3 to 5
Lists PRB1113348 With List v3 enabled for related lists and having the related record and source record open in separate tabs, editing the related record updates the source record fields
Lists PRB717585 List v3 lists all records against a reference field when a value is entered and the reference icon is clicked
Lists PRB923502 When users use the v2 list editor to save a date/time field value, the focus is lost
Lists PRB933539 List v3 - If the list has list bottom button UI actions, users cannot see the list pagination controls
Lists PRB951256 On List v3, users are unable to update multiple records with the mouse cursor
Managed Documents PRB1183988 Managed Documents form dropdown for 'Type' shows a bare sys_id as option
Microsoft SMS/SCCM Integration PRB1045729 Transform Maps for "SCCM 2012 v2 Software" (and SCCM 2012 v2 Software (AI)) are switching their active flags during an upgrade
MID Server PRB1096512 Unix mid.ssh.path_override is not exposed to sub-shell
MID Server PRB1152720 CyberArk SSH Private Key credential can cause Discovery to attempt password authentication to target using the private key string as the password
MID Server PRB1182253 MID Server pre-upgrade check may fail if the service user's group name is longer than 20 characters
MID Server PRB622072 j2ssh does not support rfc-mandated key exchange method, diffie-hellman-group14-sha1
MID Server PRB659977 Some sudoers configurations will break snc_ssh
MID Server PRB668904 PowerShell probe does not time out properly and leaves orphaned PowerShell.exe process behind
MID Server PRB671436 java.nio.channels.NoConnectionPendingException in the wrapper log
MID Server PRB718011 CyberArk integration does not work with VMWare
MID Server PRB750509 MID Server operation stalls indefinitely on failed credential load due to 429 error
MID Server PRB932896 Method Not Allowed (405) error from CIM queries originating from CimQuery mid script include
MID Server PRB961706 MID Server CIM threads are cancelled upon Apache HTTP CimIQL shutdown
Mobile PRB713447 Mobile Web - If the list favorite contains an order by, sorting the list does not work as expected
NotifyNow PRB1117099 Opening an incident brings an error when the plugin com.snc.notify is activated
NotifyNow PRB1151223 Kick action in Notify / Twilio does not log the participant's duration after removing them from the conference call
NotifyNow PRB706507 Notify SMS is not working if there are same phone numbers with 1 active & 1 inactive
NotifyNow PRB758986 Sending bulk SMS using Notify API takes longer time to process
NotifyNow PRB942387 Users who join without providing a conference code are placed to the old conference call which is inactive
On-call Scheduling PRB1003887 Performance issue related the wizard under On-Call Scheduling > Create New Schedule with a large sys_user_group table
On-call Scheduling PRB1070221 If the coverage entry does not start on/before repeat until date, it is not created
On-call Scheduling PRB1105441 Primary and Secondary Rosters are not updated on the calendar
On-call Scheduling PRB1110193 On-call rotation calendar - When a group schedule has a long named Rota, it gets cut off
On-call Scheduling PRB1157177 Assign by Acknowledgement workflow generates issues
On-call Scheduling PRB1157774 When making a substitution and filling out the group name, it creates an errand record and causes the roster to not show on the calendar
On-call Scheduling PRB1177717 The dates at the top of the on-call calendars are showing as undefined
On-call Scheduling PRB898898 During instance upgrades OOB notify_group Records are replaced by the upgrade even if modified by the customer
On-call Scheduling PRB911856 Trigger rules are unable to find the workflow and create a workflow context
On-call Scheduling PRB924561 On on-call Calendars-> Schedule Report groups filter is not working on the slush bucket
On-call Scheduling PRB935318 Night shift rotation spanning two days shows different results in Helsinki and Istanbul when repeat_until value set to date that would split the final shift
On-call Scheduling PRB956455 Rotation schedule disappears from 'Members' related list on Roster (cmn_rota_roster) record
On-call Scheduling PRB961146 On-Call Schedule email report showing unexpected extra shifts entries when the schedules are created in US/Pacific and the instance from which the email notifications are sent is in GMT
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) PRB1110116 ODBC driver is returning non integer fields as NTEXT where varchar is expected
Orchestration PRB1059005 Selecting the default MID Server for Orchestration does not synchronize both default MID Server values
Orchestration PRB1069434 Activity designer - "Update Activity" creates incorrect default condition value: "True" instead of "true"
Orchestration PRB1094857 [PA ROI] Historic data collection job has incorrect parameters
Orchestration PRB1169980 Upon checkout of an SSH, PowerShell, and JDBC Orchestration activity, the command or SQL statement field is cleared out
Outbound Messaging PRB1039816 The 'Auto-generate variables' UI Action on REST and SOAP Message Functions enters an infinite loop when generating variable substitutions
Outbound Messaging PRB1085256 Records in ECC queue that are created via RESTMessageV2 API stays in the 'Ready' state
Outbound Messaging PRB1093042 REST Message where Message name plus /method name length of over 60 chars cannot be invoked via the 'WebServices' business rule
Outbound Messaging PRB1171717 Outbound REST Message using MID Server generates java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid uri when non-encoded '{' or '[' appear in the REST endpoint
Outbound Messaging PRB711266 Escape type option does not work in Variable Substitution in SOAP message
Outbound Messaging PRB713104 Unable to pass ${...} through RestMessageV2 without variable substitution being attempted
Outbound Messaging PRB718675 SOAPClient getting the error "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: connect: timeout can't be negative"
Outbound Messaging PRB908820 Clicking UI action "Generate sample SOAP messages" gives an error: "Unable to load WSDL:" for some WSDL files
Password Reset Application PRB1005691 Auto Generate Password (on Process) is not honoring the script include on credential store "Auto generate password"
Password Reset Application PRB1068927 Password Reset Desktop Application labels are missing when Traditional Chinese language packs are involved
Password Reset Application PRB1074143 Password Reset Windows Application cosmetic issues
Password Reset Application PRB1095720 When setting URL suffix as "default" (all lowercase), Public URL becomes "/$", which causes "Initialization Error" for Password Reset Windows Application
Password Reset Application PRB1098145 The phonetics displayed after a password reset do not match the actual password value that is displayed or emailed some of the time
Password Reset Application PRB1100646 Target computers are configured with Brazilian Portuguese
Password Reset Application PRB1102896 password_reset.request.max_attempt_window sets expire date in the past if users set the property with a value over than 27 days
Password Reset Application PRB1104617 After the deletion of a device from the enrollment page, clicking on 'Submit' button redirects page to 'Notification Preference' with bad device reference
Password Reset Application PRB1110964 The application UI close button is missing
Password Reset Application PRB1155301 Script that checks for uniqueness of answers for verification questions fails
Password Reset Application PRB1173323 The application displays a reset error page, instead of showing a non-fatal error message
Password Reset Application PRB1183177 When using the application and SMS verification, users cannot change the password
Password Reset Application PRB1184610 Security Questions Enrollment questions block section is not showing up
Password Reset Application PRB876949 Password Reset Windows Application does not progress when pressing the enter key
Performance Analytics PRB1003579 The truncated value stored when working with long column names or when dot-walking across several tables
Performance Analytics PRB1006550 Cannot open pages through '' using 'sysparm_userpref_homepage' when Dashboards are set as Home
Performance Analytics PRB1032955 Using the 'insert' or 'Insert and Stay' functionality to create an automated indicator causes an error
Performance Analytics PRB1039312 Unable to select a user/role/group if not in the first batch of the result list
Performance Analytics PRB1039762 PA indicator breakdown set to display false is still available to be selected on widgets/detailed scorecards
Performance Analytics PRB1042217 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 5 on a time series widget with color and forecast option defined
Performance Analytics PRB1057238 Workbench widget crashes on IE11 (PA Dashboards, Service Portal)
Performance Analytics PRB1065690 Breakdown widget is not redirecting to detailed scorecard for element named "Other"
Performance Analytics PRB1068366 Dashboard can be shared with inactive users
Performance Analytics PRB1068782 On a widget with maximum additional widget indicators, these corresponding pa_widget_indicators records cannot be updated
Performance Analytics PRB1076309 Filters do not work, failing to display the groups and categories
Performance Analytics PRB1085754 An indicator whose name includes a '>' or '/' followed by some arbitrary text can conflict with an indicator whose name is identical up to where the '>' or '|' appears
Performance Analytics PRB1093838 The email converts the characters to HTML encoded strings
Performance Analytics PRB1094659 Dashboard breaks on loading with a browser console error
Performance Analytics PRB1102671 If the indicator source fact table does not exist, the error message is misleading
Performance Analytics PRB1153929 The Sharing panel remains open
Performance Analytics PRB1175662 Wrong frequency is applied to forecast when score does not exist for some date on time series
Performance Analytics PRB1205144 Records tab in detailed score cards shows: Number of rows removed from this list by deletion or Security constraints: 1, and this should be 0
Performance Analytics PRB666029 A Performance Analytics percentage breakdown widget shows labels even when there is no data to report
Performance Analytics PRB721683 Exporting a detailed scorecard as PDF does not include the target and threshold details
Performance Analytics PRB752173 Time series applied on a formula indicator displays the formula column with the configured precision
Performance Analytics PRB759126 Display problem with the bar graphs in Performance Analytics
Performance Analytics PRB909578 No scores were collected for an indicator with an advanced condition
Performance Analytics PRB934959 Previous month appears twice on widget when Time Series is "By month SUM", and "Current score" is checked
Performance Analytics PRB955309 "" property cut off incorrect amount of elements for scorecard widget with breakdown dashboard
Performance Analytics PRB957517 Load times on PA widgets are slower after upgrade to Geneva+ due to canvasWidgetHelper.jsx
Performance Analytics PRB961326 When changing the time zone to US/Samoa, the wrong date is shown on scores tab, breakdown scorecard tab, and the scorecards list date
Performance Analytics PRB995883 Default values for reference filter have performance issues
Performance Analytics PRB996761 Export PDF: widgets are not properly sized
Performance Analytics Application PRB1031562 Migration does not start and keeps printing warning messages
Performance Analytics Application PRB1079651 Migration runs unreasonably slow on big pa_scores table
Persistence PRB1038091 Caused by: org.mariadb.jdbc.internal.common.QueryException: BLOB/TEXT column 'a_str_34' used in key specification without a key length
Persistence PRB1067373 Values added to a choice field do not appear in the form
Persistence PRB1076443 When ordering by sys_id in a composite table query, ORDER BY target table sys_id instead of root table sys_id to prevent MySQL from using the temporary table
Persistence PRB1078092 [TPP/Clone] CMDB partition tables are not cloned over, and records not displayed in cmdb_ci on the target instance
Persistence PRB1097966 TPP table hierarchy with more than 2 partitions (cmdb$par2) generates invalid SQL for order by limit index optimization (affects CMDB Flattening)
Persistence PRB1109574 ALTER that takes >24 hours gets killed by connection pool sweeper
Persistence PRB1110419 [TPP] Choice lists contain the same 'sys_class_name' field label for both target and root tables
Persistence PRB1111740 GlideRecordClassSwitcher not working for TPP tables (CMDB in Jakarta)
Persistence PRB1116792 Translated fields on partition tables result in invalid SQL and the inability to query tables - Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'cmdb$par
Persistence PRB1151806 Issues related to CMDB tables in a scoped app
Persistence PRB1182304 Chunk copying a large table on an Oracle database can degrade over time (like during the TPP migration on a Jakarta upgrade)
Persistence PRB657629 Logically similar filters return different results, when using Oracle
Persistence PRB672996 Re-parenting of cmdb_ci to cmdb during upgrade to Geneva can cause data loss on custom unique index cmdb_ci (serial_number, model_id)
Persistence PRB680776 OOB business rule "incident query" creates a lot of poor queries by introducing OR disjunction
Persistence PRB718527 Grouping by a choice column from a parent table's list can cause child records with a null value in that field to be removed from the resulting grouped list
Persistence PRB727683 Query index rewrite does not work on domain-separated Instances when query method is Domain Paths
Persistence PRB741410 'Before Query' business rule works differently when using a glide aggregate count
Persistence PRB832997 Copy from String (Full-UTF8) to String causes data truncation if content contains Unicode
Persistence PRB833032 Unable to create Journal Input that supports UTF-8
Persistence PRB931539 With oracle, the EdgeEncryptionMetadataAugmenter logic relying on DBI#tableExists can issue a lot of invalid queries as the TableDescriptor cache gets rebuilt
Persistence PRB932438 Customer updates to the sys_user_has_role sys_db_object are not retained on upgrades
Persistence PRB951324 Running GlideMetadataConversionAPI.convertAndWait() will reparent CMDB onto sys_metadata if any cmdb extensions have update_synch=true attribute.
Persistence PRB964743 Adding an index (sys_domain_path, sys_id) should be ignored if an index (sys_domain_path) already exists
Platform PRB819845 Cannot prevent in-app clone for Oracle clone
Platform Performance PRB945880 Clicking View Map on a Service Mapping Business Service form triggers cache flush and instance becomes unusable
Platform Security PRB647167 REST/GlideRecordSecure(GRS) will cause a null value in database for a field with a default value, if the field has ACL restriction to the user
Platform Security PRB711145 Deleting one of the groups from sys_user_group will delete the 1 record from sys_user_has_role and remove the inheritance
Platform Security PRB898048 Support API that helps decrypting attachments already encrypted using an "Encryption Context"
Platform Security PRB898071 ACLs on DB Views are not working as expected
Platform Security PRB946904 Export from table's list view does not include encrypted fields even when users can see them
Procurement PRB659039 Cost defaulting on PO line item is not working
Procurement PRB964870 Catalog Task state is not updated correctly when there are non-sourceable requested items
Project Management PRB1005607 Percent complete calculation includes planned tasks like decisions which default to 1 day causing unexpected results
Project Management PRB1006497 The system date format ( causes errors while users drag the project task in the planning console
Project Management PRB1039715 The execution of new SNC.ProjectManagementAPI().fullRecalculate() causes update of date on other projects if no argument is passed
Project Management PRB1067348 com.snc.project.rollup.cost property should not affect the actual cost and the estimated cost for the release and features
Project Management PRB1074294 Currency in the project status report in widget "Cost (Planned vs. Actual)" is always $ even if the default currency is set to something else
Project Management PRB1078995 Creating a project by clicking on "New" button under the "Sub Projects" tab fails
Project Management PRB1093175 When creating the enhancement through the demand, updating the "Planned duration" field of enhancement disables the default functionality to populate the "Planned end date"
Project Management PRB1097237 The newly created timecard shows up for the project incorrectly
Project Management PRB1100896 The project status page has a spelling error under the Project Status Comments widget
Project Management PRB1106249 Portfolio Workbench: Timeline View - Unable to sort by Planned End Date and State fields
Project Management PRB1111002 The widget is unable to handle umlauted characters in the filter menu
Project Management PRB1111243 Program actuals do not reflect the aggregation of actuals defined at the program level and the underlying project level
Project Management PRB1117737 Planned end date of a project task with a manual project cannot be changed if the project task has a child
Project Management PRB1118212 Customize dictionary overrides of state in pm_project/pm_project_task and the project template is not working
Project Management PRB1159233 Release Management: When Time card management (com.snc.time_card) plugin is activated, changing the state of a Release, Phase, Feature, or Task record throws an error and stops business rules from running
Project Management PRB1161375 Issues related to the Planning Console
Project Management PRB1163281 Inactive project templates are still selectable when creating a new project
Project Management PRB1166220 Start and End Times on Release Planning Board takes UTC time as compared to Instance Timezone
Project Management PRB1166794 Incorrect planned duration calculation when the planned end date is set to 2021-06-30 17:00:00
Project Management PRB1168482 Issue in script include 'PlannedTaskStateUtil'
Project Management PRB1185778 Demand Management - Create New number is being skipped
Project Management PRB669228 Additional fields cannot be added to the planning console view
Project Management PRB678615 If a project is configured for manual calculations, all children created in the Planning Console should start on a specific date
Project Management PRB697213 Changing the state of a Project Task from a Change request sets the value of the state field to " - 3 " or "-4"
Project Management PRB713420 Calendar picker is not working in the Planning Console (I18N: PT-BR)
Project Management PRB716218 Project Name does not display when the field is dot walked into a related list
Project Management PRB733206 PPM Workbench 'Back' disappears when returning from Project Workbench
Project Management PRB913704 Using the 'project budget' UI action on the project record to set budgets for a selected fiscal year when currency is EUR, the values are divided by 1000
Project Management PRB934705 Project does not get updated when users import an MS project to ServiceNow
Project Management PRB953538 Members not loading on Project Status Portal
Project Management PRB953943 Cost Breakdown rounding results on incorrect budget totals
Project Management PRB957491 Typo in script include: PlannedTaskStateChangeHandler
Project Management PRB960497 Project template task configured to set milestone = true is not working
Project Management PRB962990 'week starts on' does not honor the timezone of the user
Project Portfolio Management PRB1027056 The planned start date of a project changes to one day after the actual start date when the project is started early
Project Portfolio Management PRB1028663 Targets is not populating in the budget console
Project Portfolio Management PRB1041584 Reference qualifier is slow when users click on Assignment Group on the pm_project_task table with PPS installed
Project Portfolio Management PRB1088997 Timeline Visualization - 'Some of the panels are not displayed because of the Max items per lane configuration setting' message is displayed
Project Portfolio Management PRB1165846 Script include "ScoreCalculator" has the same function "ScoreCalculator.calculateRisk = function (metrics)" written twice with different bodies
Project Portfolio Management PRB933046 When a Project is created from a Demand, customized code should set the demand as the parent of the project
Release Management PRB1026077 Jakarta: Project Management creates PM Program with null sys_id resulting in mass updates to other PM task types
Release Management PRB1074911 Unexpected code in feature events business rule
Release Management PRB604362 SDLC Scrum - Percent complete field does not work correctly on stories
Reporting PRB1017889 Calendar Reporting END date values are shifting back one day when the field name is of DATE
Reporting PRB1024793 Calendar report retains a Sort by field when converted from a list report
Reporting PRB1031627 Hover text in bar graphs are getting truncated if the report has a Stacked by configured
Reporting PRB1070036 Exporting a PA dashboard to PDF with a breakdown source with the 'act as filter' set results in " Illegal character in query"
Reporting PRB1081636 Scheduled report (PDF) gives JSONArray[0] Not Found - when no results are returned
Reporting PRB1085900 Widgets on PDF are not sorted in the same order as in the dashboard
Reporting PRB1087093 Edit mode does not work on the report designer
Reporting PRB1089002 Report export options/texts are shown in different language than the user's language
Reporting PRB1093548 Pivot table PDF export breaks if a cell has word-wrapped content too long to vertically fit the page
Reporting PRB1101434 ITIL + Report_Group are unable to share reports with groups other than those they are members of
Reporting PRB1105713 Self-hosted instance: Reporting Issues with Pivot Table (Pivot table displays variable instead of label)
Reporting PRB1106825 Drill down of Pareto is generating unexpected results
Reporting PRB1161770 Degradation in pa_dashboard
Reporting PRB1162475 Exporting a PDF record belonging to a separated domain shows incorrect data
Reporting PRB1165778 Main report does not open after adding the drilldown or dataset
Reporting PRB1170905 Print friendly mode with multiple chart on forms may end up with shrunken charts
Reporting PRB666826 Cannot edit the series name for the primary series
Reporting PRB715861 Widget description button on the Knowledge overview page does not work
Reporting PRB734073 Column graphs do not work correctly
Reporting PRB734902 ACL looping detected for ACL: record/sys_report_drill/read: sys_security_acl_2db8a46acb12020032a09371c24c9cd9.xml
Reporting PRB748217 Report chart y-axis is not I18N compliant
Reporting PRB820943 Trend report on items with more then one reference with the same name will vary the chart result for each execution
Reporting PRB865860 Pareto and Control Chart Report - Y axis From/To is not working
Reporting PRB905879 Report with a list drilldown - Export from list header does not work when report is added to PA dashboard as a widget
Reporting PRB923064 Adding columns fails in the "Edit reports" when users add extended fields
Reporting PRB934150 When a Service Catalog Variable is shared via a Variable Set, it is possible for a bar report that stack by that variable to fail
Reporting PRB934788 Add a content block to display a knowledge article on a dashboard display a blank content block
Reporting PRB944384 Saving report displays "ERROR: Error processing request: null" when sys_report.sumfield is greater than 40 characters
Reporting PRB945498 Some data labels are missing on a bar chart
Reporting PRB956246 Bar report with stack by do not show stacked bars in exported PDF
Resource Management PRB1150604 "Allocations Details" resource reports are not correctly filtered by the resource plan
Resource Management PRB741961 Resource Workbench is not working when the language is set to Brazilian Portuguese
Resource Management PRB932839 An error occurs in the Script include "RMAllocator"
Resource Management PRB933387 The previously selected Group Resource Value is missing from the "Group Resource" filter criteria box
Resource Management PRB957592 UI policies have typos in the short description
Schedules PRB1152270 Error on the Schedule Page (calendar view) when saving form of an event
Schedules PRB1190018 Deleting/Updating spans need extra manual refresh
Security Access Control Lists PRB686249 While user_admin can create a group, all fields are greyed out
Security Applications PRB994043 The application scope of the "closed_at" and "closed_by" fields on the task table have been changed from "Global" to "Security Incident"
Security Incident Response PRB1012796 The PIR field is being generated with truncated tags which causing the UI page to fail
Security Incident Response PRB1038985 Modifying the Notifications on the Security Incident Configuration form throws a scope error
Security Incident Response PRB1065904 When a report is scheduled on the security incident table, users with sn_si_admin and admin roles are not able to view the security incidents fields
Security Incident Response PRB1072373 Vulnerabilities created with SAM NVD cause performance problems
Security Incident Response PRB1089709 PIR on Security Incidents is throwing an error
Security Incident Response PRB1097838 Performance issues with the Qualys integration for the Vulnerability Management
Security Incident Response PRB1187174 Show <Related lists> UI actions on security incidents do not work with List v3
Security Incident Response PRB917436 Logical flaws in one of the questions
Security Incident Response PRB945182 An upgrade resets the custom configuration on the Security Incident group and the knowledge base
Security Incident Response PRB958627 Security Incident Templates cannot be opened after creating a template with a Task using the new Angular form
Server Side Scripting PRB1158457 Running eventQueueScheduled in a scoped app does not update 'Process On' as per queried date and time
Server Side Scripting PRB1164954 "Illegal access to method" error in script when accessing the method via the property access mechanism
Server Side Scripting PRB663869 EmailLogger is not available in the global scope in Geneva
Server Side Scripting PRB945165 GlideElementNumeric values in the if-condition appear to be evaluated using ES5 strict semantics and when running in the global scope in the compatibility mode
Service Analytics PRB1085546 37x MidUtil errors caused every day by "Service Analytics Check File System Space on Analytics MID -Daily" scheduled job, if no dedicated MID Server is installed yet
Service Analytics PRB1090020 In CMDB grouping, a high number of relationships causes OOM exception
Service Analytics PRB762704 SA HASH table - duplicate records cause the impact to stop working
Service Catalog PRB1005547 Unable to select Catalog item/s created from Item Designer on the Catalog item reference field
Service Catalog PRB1016168 Break type variable is getting a mandatory Name field while saving the variable form
Service Catalog PRB1027339 The Top Request function on the Service Catalog is not functioning correctly with an empty cat_item on requested items
Service Catalog PRB1030522 REST Service Catalog API fails to add item to the wish list
Service Catalog PRB1042309 Search on Service Catalog page is not user friendly in Hebrew
Service Catalog PRB1068324 Unable to add attachments to the catalog item if the sc_layout property is disabled
Service Catalog PRB1069191 "current" is not defined, which is caused by an error in the business rule: 'sc_req_item_stageGetChoices'
Service Catalog PRB1070512 Variable assignment function in order guide does not work correctly with variable sets
Service Catalog PRB1077287 Insert and Stay is not working properly when creating new variables in a Record Producer or other Catalog Item
Service Catalog PRB1077480 Auto approval rules cause RITM to open as Active=false
Service Catalog PRB1078573 Search results pagination logic returns n - 1 results when the "Per page" preference is changed to any value smaller than the result set
Service Catalog PRB1079902 Customized related lists on sc_cat_item are overwritten to OOB during an upgrade
Service Catalog PRB1080317 After upgrading to Jakarta, all Catalog Items are throwing an error "Not Authorized"
Service Catalog PRB1080346 Catalog and category validation error in item designer
Service Catalog PRB1083463 approval_summarizer_sc_request shows incorrect total (multiplying total by 100) when the user is in Italian locale
Service Catalog PRB1084082 clearValue() function is not working in Jakarta
Service Catalog PRB1090985 UI policies run on target records even when they are configured to not run on target records
Service Catalog PRB1100264 Pasted images on a record can be removed by applying update sets on the record producer that created the record
Service Catalog PRB1101069 Users do not have the '\r' char in the multi-line fields, which leads to changes in variables when users later update the item
Service Catalog PRB1116404 In French, after creating an incident, the displayed notification message is not translated
Service Catalog PRB1147691 In Service Catalog, after clicking on "Add to Cart" in the "Order this Item" widget, the tooltip style changes in the "Shopping Cart" widget
Service Catalog PRB1149659 Some options in the Jakarta Legacy CI Relationship editor seem to be bringing back options from the cmdb_ci table rather than the sys_user table
Service Catalog PRB1153457 Space alignment issues in catalog item with the first variable when there is no short description associated
Service Catalog PRB1161974 When users click choose options, the alignment of the order guide is changing
Service Catalog PRB1183133 Choose options hangs after filling in variables in an order guide
Service Catalog PRB1187053 sys_ui_form_section should not have independent unload files
Service Catalog PRB1194198 Catalog container variables display is set to TRUE even if it is supposed to be hidden when a child container is made hidden
Service Catalog PRB1201267 ATF on record producers fails on the step Variable State Validation if the fields in the forms are being controlled by UI policies
Service Catalog PRB655829 Record submitted even if the reference variable on Service Catalog item is incorrect
Service Catalog PRB671357 "Dragging and dropping" fails to attach an attachment on the ESS side
Service Catalog PRB698646 Including Variable editor messes up the mandatory star alignment in the requested item form
Service Catalog PRB712139 Content item categories related list is not automatically populating via the business rules when running via transform maps
Service Catalog PRB716630 Catalog item 'Workflow' field can have workflows entered for any table's workflow, and Start Workflow then runs them for sc_req_item records
Service Catalog PRB854222 List collector variable is not showing dependency reference values properly
Service Catalog PRB857748 CatalogPriceCalculator is not evaluating correctly on Order Status view
Service Catalog PRB905402 The generated request record price does not synch with the requested item
Service Catalog PRB931538 List collector autocomplete is not honoring reference qualifier
Service Catalog PRB942734 Reference type variables with a reference qualifier are ignoring the reference qualifier in the lookup popup when the tree_picker attribute is set to true
Service Catalog PRB946137 On the RITM page, if a Catalog item has two or more reference variables, and one of them has a 'write role' associated to it, then all the following reference variables will be read-only
Service Catalog PRB951817 Additional spacing displayed between variable defined outside a multiple nested containers
Service Catalog PRB952533 Scripted default value on scoped record producer variable executed in incorrect scope
Service Catalog PRB955049 Restricted variables should not be visible in report designer and report builder slushbuckets
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1070176 "Post Your Answer" button is broken in SQANDA question page - SP TinyMCE editor no longer binding contents to the model
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1074203 Variable assignments feature is not working in SP Order Guides
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1076692 Variable pricing information is not reflected properly when wishlisted item is viewed
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1101370 Catalog items are not sorted by 'order' in Service Portal when displayed
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1109654 glide_list field messes up display values with g_form.setValue()
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1113848 Current Guide field is not getting populated in 'sc_cart' record when users try to submit the order guide request through the Service Portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1116684 After Jakarta upgrade, accessing a catalog item in the Service Portal generates an error
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1159274 Service Portal Catalog: Visible Elsewhere for variable sets is not functioning properly
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1167087 If a catalog item contains a select box with recurring prices, the selection change does not reflect the correct price
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1167315 Two UI Policies, one on a catalog item and one on a variable set, that hide the same variable works on the Service Catalog but not on the Portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1172320 Selecting a record on the reference field does not always update the price of the item
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1175319 Service Portal: attachments added to the catalog item are not forwarded to the RITM
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1181366 sp-variable-editor throws errors while using the save button when there are containers into Variables
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB1197496 Changing the "Requested for" option is not preserved if users alter an item in the cart
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB713632 Navigating to the service catalog item from search results instead of portal widget is taking to old catalog URL
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB714051 [IE11] Browser console errors are thrown when viewing a catalog item that has Multi Line Text fields
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB716489 CheckBox variables with a price if checked value do not visually indicate that price
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB716665 Shopping Cart not respecting '' system property
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB719537 The Catalog Content widget is very slow when sc_cat_item have many records
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB723382 Record Producer placed inside an order guide is not working as expected in Service Portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB723614 "current" in reference qualifier of "Lookup Multiple Choice" Catalog Variable differs from Service Catalog
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB728267 Representation of a Catalog Items category structure is hierarchical vs. navigational
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB736588 Unable to submit the catalog item if Container Start variable is set to mandatory at Dictionary level
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB736792 IE 11 is displaying a client side error "invalid argument" in the Service Portal context for catalog items
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB738805 The value shows in the Ticket Fields widget instead of the label
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB747541 Price is not reflecting Price Implications options for List Collector
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB753827 Variables of type HTML and mandatory are showing in the Required Information section even after entering data
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB760433 Editing the Quantity in the cart manually and submitting while focused in the quantity input creates an extra empty Request (sc_request) record
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB803449 Masked variables using confirmation do not show or validate the confirmation input
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB825259 Custom price/recurring calculation (system property allows this) is not supported in sc_cat_item_widget Widget
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB826245 Catalog Item UI policies always run before Variable Set Catalog UI policies
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB831985 The option to add an attachment is not available when editing an item in the cart
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB833021 Service Catalog reference variables with long values expand out of bounds on Service Portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB868586 onSubmit client scripts are not enforced when submitting order from shopping cart
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB901828 setVisible not working on catalog client scripts in Service Portal
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB935816 Need a mechanism to set the 'Requested For' value for Order Guides
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB942391 Inconsistency with normal catalog UI - When processing record producer, attachments are not yet available to business rules on insert of the target record
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB943535 Pre-Jakarta instances: For record producers submitted via Service Portal, data entered into multi line text variables that are mapped to encrypted fields is not saved to the resulting table record
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB944055 In iPad portrait mode, bread crumbs not clickable on Service Catalog home page (sc_home)
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB946937 Item variable assignment is not supported for order guides
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB949152 Multi-line text variables behave differently in different browsers
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB957558 Service Portal: Wish list feature is not implemented in SP
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB957595 Extra space is shown between each checkbox when users add consecutive checkboxes for a catalog item
Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets PRB960061 Nest categories are not accessible using the folder icon click in the Category widget
Service Catalog Item Designer PRB1065653 Service Catalog API does not show displayValue properly - error { "8": "sys_user", }
Service Catalog Item Designer PRB1096313 Item form [sc_ic_item_staging] - Designer view - Related list customization not retained across upgrade
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB1233631 SLA Timeline page is broken when using Retroactive Pause and after Resetting a Task SLA
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB1166899 SLA Timeline does not work when dot walked (extended fields, e,g on incident_task) are used in condition
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB947799 In Security Incident, clicking the UI Action 'Repair SLAs' generates a lot of error messages
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB955878 SLA Repair cancels out the other 'task_sla' belonging to a different SLA Definition
Service Level Agreement (SLA) PRB966865 Default SLA workflow is not getting completed when the scheduled duration breach falls outside the duration by few seconds
Service Mapping PRB1040524 'All Applications' discovery schedule does not complete due to hanging SSH threads in the MID Servers
Service Mapping PRB1058582 External credentials with Service Mapping always uses IP Address instead of the host IP address (Custom resolver of credentials)
Service Mapping PRB1072909 "get oracle tnsping" step in IIS Virtual Directory pattern Section "ADO .NET connectivity" is taking long when the command is not found on host
Service Mapping PRB1076040 Unescaped character in pd_basic_editor_page.xml - Pattern Designer does not open when glide.ui.escape_text=false
Service Mapping PRB1079211 Azure Discovery fails after an upgrade to Jakarta
Service Mapping PRB1081215 While connecting to an existing business Service, users get the following message " Error on server request connectToExsistingBusinessService"
Service Mapping PRB1091423 When running discovery on service containing NAT rule, the system marks all services containing the rule for re-computations
Service Mapping PRB1101133 Service Mapping shows host cluster count on the map only in case of clusters based on Windows servers
Service Mapping PRB1102553 CredentialsInjector: Need protection in case credentials supplied without username / password
Service Mapping PRB1108679 WMI Failed to execute WMI command on MID Server localhost
Service Mapping PRB1111843 Service Mapping fails to bring files located on shared drive when the MID Server is unable to do DNS resolution of the host name
Service Mapping PRB1113402 The pattern designer is not showing the 'name' attribute when debugging entry point of type "cmdb_ci_endpoint_glassfish_war"
Service Mapping PRB1114493 Problem parsing XML file when same attribute name appears under the same element, once with namespace and the other without it
Service Mapping PRB1117183 Vital records such as the 'All' Service Group record, and em_impact_rule records are classed as Demo Data, and deleted as such
Service Mapping PRB1160995 Plugin: Errors in plugin activation logs
Service Mapping PRB1166415 MID Server threads are hanging upon execution of certain groovy steps
Service Mapping PRB1174671 No command is executed for new host class
Service Mapping PRB1189354 When resuming discovery on a connection going to localhost, the system is replacing the value in the 'host' field in the endpoint with the IP of the computer
Service Mapping PRB1191131 Tomcat missing precondition & on Windows need switch / to \
Service Mapping PRB646607 Two entry points and two clusters can result in unwanted connections
Service Mapping PRB824441 Apache pattern on Windows is missing a "\"
Service Mapping PRB915618 Nslookup does not work on AIX (when creating connections)
Service Mapping PRB942988 Nslookup on Windows machine may return unpredictable results in case of DNS cluster
Service Mapping PRB945009 When using IP instead of FQDN for entry point, it does not work
Service Mapping PRB952570 Put file operation fails when the file is associated with user/group name containing spaces
Service Mapping PRB954805 Service Watch ACL fails during part of an upgrade and fields referencing cmdb_ci_service cannot be viewed due to security constraint
Service Mapping PRB958882 The ACL that existed in Geneva and was removed is still present after upgrade to Helsinki
Service Mapping PRB961241 Exporting PDF from Business Service Map supports only SVG type for CI icons
ServiceNow Store Site PRB1109494 Issue with UTF-8 support to upload files
Service Portal PRB1002342 & (ampersand) in question text of SP QANDA cuts off the email title when using 'Share via Email'
Service Portal PRB1019962 Inactive Knowledge categories (kb_category) are visible in "KB Categories - KBv3" widget
Service Portal PRB1031044 Buttons in TinyMCE HTML editor used in Ask a Question widget and Form widget are not translated
Service Portal PRB1031519 The choices list results are not translated
Service Portal PRB1032761 Knowledge Categories widget list not sorted alphabetically
Service Portal PRB1040355 Cannot clone Request Fields widget from sp_widget form
Service Portal PRB1042284 Language switch widget not working for user with snc_internal role
Service Portal PRB1068696 Search Results on sc_cat_item are no longer recorded in Service Portal Log Entries
Service Portal PRB1073160 TinyMCE copy/paste images in Chrome on Windows/Mac does not work
Service Portal PRB1083808 Attachment icon does not show for a new record for users with no roles
Service Portal PRB1084309 Currency field is marked as mandatory on form load when a valid value is entered
Service Portal PRB1089813 Service Portal related list label does not honor list control label override
Service Portal PRB1090811 Related list counts are broken on form
Service Portal PRB1091422 Service Portal Designer's HTML widget does not work as expected
Service Portal PRB1102827 Typeahead Search widget does not display icons for record producers when using a non-English language
Service Portal PRB1110316 Attachments on a Service Portal CSS page are not included in the Update Set
Service Portal PRB1112423 When user's name starts with a special character (like accented È or Japanese 管), avatar initials don't display
Service Portal PRB1118400 max_length variable attribute is ignored when Map to Field is set to true for Record Producers in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB1160001 html_template and script fields with 4 thousand character limit truncate OOB data that exceeds that length in Oracle
Service Portal PRB1160710 Variable single-line text using map to field shows as multi-line text in Service portal
Service Portal PRB1165124 Attachments are saved with the table specified in the URL, not the table for the actual record, and are not visible viewing the record using the actual table in the URL
Service Portal PRB701584 Method orderBy and orderByDesc from client-side mobile glideRecord are not available
Service Portal PRB711244 Header does not fully expand in mobile native app
Service Portal PRB715462 Backspace key does not work on the source code screen under HTML Editor on Service Portal in a modal
Service Portal PRB715978 Add support for E-Signatures for approvals
Service Portal PRB716182 Error on SC shopping cart widget due to the capitalization of cartTemplate in option schema
Service Portal PRB745319 When users are viewing a KB category, all the article attachments start to download
Service Portal PRB830424 Widget "Tagged Question List" is not fully translated in Service Portal
Service Portal PRB910334 Service Portal recursion in getRowColumns() and getColumnRows() throws StackOverflowError exception
Service Portal PRB922439 Portal approvals date and time zone/format does not match the change request from the instance
Service Portal PRB925486 Ticket Conversations widget does not specify the source journal field
Service Portal PRB936258 On Oracle instances, widget link script gets truncated if longer than 4000 characters
Service Portal PRB952787 Login widget shows the panel
Service Portal PRB958853 Service Portal - sysapproval_approver.document_id is not populated correctly by workflow when record created in form
Service Portal PRB962916 Lookup Select variable incorrectly sorted on sys_updated_on after dependent variable change retrieves updated options
Service Portfolio Management PRB585494 service_availability wrongly calculates the number of outages > Out of the box script
Service Portfolio Management PRB739520 Upgrade to Helsinki is overriding the customization made on the 'sys_ui_related_service_offering_service_portfolio' Related List
Service Portfolio Management PRB854922 Service 360 dashboard is not loading when PA tree-map metric is returning more than 100 rows
SNC-Provision PRB1000487 MySQL 5.6.x: handle --secure-file-priv for >= 5.6.34
Software Asset Management PRB1185183 SCCM Transform Coalesce fields are not indexed correctly in the SCCM plugin
Software Asset Management PRB698609 Discovery model matching fails even for the software model created from it
Software Asset Management PRB944438 Immediate Compliance does not get the correct value for the "No license needed (Workstation)" license type
Source Control Integration PRB1084273 Personalized sys_ui_list records should not be included in files eligible for Source Control
Source Control Integration PRB916363 Users in a sub-domain cannot commit applications to source control
Source Control Integration PRB916398 Exceptions thrown during Source Control Commit can leave the local repository dirty, preventing further operations
Studio PRB1029769 Having two forms with the same label results in application files not showing in the Studio navigator
Studio PRB1150396 Editing a workflow activity record (wf_element_activity) directly in Studio does not save changes
Studio PRB690957 Setting property glide.ui.escape_text = false makes the records comparison page looks out of place
Studio PRB925720 In Studio, Source Control > view history > Ordering is done on date, but alphabetically rather than by date, showing different order depending on dateformat
Survey Management PRB1022206 Apostrophes do not render correctly in Multiple Selection controls in assessment_take2 UI page
Survey Management PRB1030821 Survey > Dependent questions not displaying in correct order when the database is oracle
Survey Management PRB1032776 Survey is provided in multiple languages although it should be set only to English
Survey Management PRB1070772 Changing the names of the controls will make control names disappear on survey designer
Survey Management PRB1072063 The user is not able to submit the survey since the submit button is not clickable
Survey Management PRB1072919 When a survey question is answered in Japanese, the characters are getting converted to some incorrect values
Survey Management PRB1075306 Bubble chart ignores category results that have a value higher than 10 as a result of rounding
Survey Management PRB1089153 Public Survey - redirects to Login page when Internationalization plugin is enabled
Survey Management PRB1097408 ServicePortalSurvey processor needs to have 'public' role assigned to it
Survey Management PRB1177823 Survey introduction/end notes images do not show up when taking quiz except for system_admin
Survey Management PRB1180124 My Surveys behavior is inconsistent when user's preferred date format is "dd.MM.yyyy"
Survey Management PRB945266 Mandatory survey fields show up as non-mandatory in the Service Portal for languages other than English
System Applications PRB1036855 Global Text Search - When users hover over the information icon, two tooltips are displayed
System Applications PRB1083579 Jakarta only: Reinstalled applications are missing files/records
System Applications PRB1115442 A cross-scope privilege access error occurs in the global search
System Applications PRB1187462 List personalisations (sys_ui_list records with populated sys_user field) are being incorrectly included in scoped applications published via the repository or an update set
System Applications PRB724783 Column can be created to start with a number when it is made within an application
System Applications PRB762225 Ambiguous search yields lots of ambiguous search term alerts
System Applications PRB945529 Creating a UI script in a custom application after modifying "" to true causes the name to revert to "global"
System Applications PRB960176 Client script prevents adding scripts to the new processor-type ACL
Tables and Dictionary PRB1101578 Cascade deletion deleting all records on many to many table when sys_m2m table uses non-existent field in 'M2M From Field'
Tables and Dictionary PRB820184 Increase the size for columns "reference_qual" and "reference_qual_condition"
Tables and Dictionary PRB828610 sys_choice is an invalid reference field for a sys_dictionary
Tables and Dictionary PRB836720 Users should not be allowed to create configurations that do not work
Templates PRB943625 Users are unable to enter further values into Watch List fields on templates after entering an invalid value
Test Management PRB1069166 Adding test cases to a test plan causes an error
Test Management PRB935174 The percent complete does not update when executed test cases are deleted from the test plan
Test Management PRB959683 The 'Number of test Cases' field on the Test Plan is not maintained correctly when moving test cases
Test Management PRB962226 The due date on the record of the "asmt_assessment_instance" table should be the "Testing end date" given during "Notify Tester"
Test Suite PRB753062 Creating a duplicate test suite does not copy the tags from the associated test cases
Text Search PRB1071639 Inaccurate search results when a KB article partial word is searched on a regular instance or Service Portal
Text Search PRB1089641 New global search interface would not return any results against a search if the table text_search list view contains duplicate columns
Text Search PRB1103661 Adding table to search group does not automatically generate text index for the table
Text Search PRB1179522 In global search results, the number of total results displayed for each search group does not match the actual number of results for the group
Text Search PRB892163 Text indexer might use a lot of memory because of a record cache
Time Card Management PRB1076126 When clicked on "insert and stay" for the second time, the record does not reflect the changes
Time Card Management PRB1076685 Trying to create a new time card using the button on top of the list fails
Time Card Management PRB1159583 Time worked updates processed/rejected/submitted time cards without checking time card status
Time Card Management PRB1159698 Opening the worker portal changes the display value for the existing time card category to task_work and project_work
Time Card Management PRB1164029 Time Worked Relationship does not take timezones into account
Transaction and Session Management PRB1102220 Session timeout set in an Installation Exit is overwritten when sessions are not rotated
Transaction and Session Management PRB1105431 Homepage widget quota rule does not work as expected
Transaction and Session Management PRB865327 TransactionCancelledException raised during execution of CONDITION script is displayed in UI
Transaction and Session Management PRB951339 After upgrading from Geneva to Istanbul, timeout popup screen does not appear after timeout
UI Components PRB1058288 Clicking a link (URL) in an annotation or the addInfoMessage message box renders nothing
UI Components PRB1109557 CI reference field which depends on another CI reference field shows no upstream/downstream relationships with attribute tree_picker=true
UI Components PRB1112775 Jakarta UI16 basic configuration: css.$navpage-nav-bg no longer sets the background of expanded items as suggested
UI Components PRB582079 show_related_records attribute works incorrectly when multiple reference fields that reference the same table existing on one form
UI Components PRB689340 Unauthenticated sessions (from / can still trigger UI/presence transactions that lead to unnecessary transactions and session persistence
UI Components PRB711381 Two forward slashes are found in the TinyMCE URL
UI Components PRB712187 Wrong headings are used for the main content of the application
UI Components PRB718313 In Istanbul SLA Definitions, the Variables item is not available from the 'Show Related Fields' menu
UI Components PRB718378 Videos are not displaying after uploading to db_video
UI Components PRB740915 In ticket-conversation widget in Service Portal, snResizeHeight directive in Edge browser might not set the height properly
UI Components PRB751937 Text editor is forcibly scrolling to the top of its data when the data's font color is changed in Firefox browser
UI Components PRB760864 Accessibility - Flyout items minimum contrast
UI Components PRB925009 The UI action does not run and produces a console error
UI Components PRB936700 Missing "--None--" value in dropdown list causing JavaScript error after clicking assignment group information icon on incident form
UI Components PRB956452 "Record not found" message is not translatable
UI Components PRB959654 Changing the banner text color property css.$navpage-header-color for basic configuration for UI16 does not affect the color of the toggle icon or the application or module hover text
UI Policy/Client Script PRB627317 Client-side GlideRecord has no _next() function
Update Sets PRB1075107 Update Set Preview is generating false positives on updates across multiple update sets
Update Sets PRB1105514 Unable to edit the sys_properties "glide.update_set.auto_preview" as an admin
Update Sets PRB1108536 Business rule does not trigger upon internal actions, such as sys_update_xml records inserted/updated by customizations
Update Sets PRB1110716 sys_recorded_at value is displayed as PST/PDT irrespective of the user preference timezone
Update Sets PRB1151790 Importing an update set from another instance and using Compare to Current functionality has stopped working
Update Sets PRB1152886 Comparing two updates from Imported Update set shows incorrect content
Update Sets PRB748979 When using the "Copy form" UI action on the sys_ui_form entry form sections are not captured as part of the updateset
Update Sets PRB907447 sys_index record written to the database even if the index creation fails
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB823814 Resolve conflicts UI action for a skipped record displays 'No differences found' when there are differences in the record
Upgrade Engine Issues PRB916759 If an admin runs the UpgradeClient manually in parallel with a scheduled upgrade, the upgrade monitor can end up displaying progress from an upgrade that got stuck
Usage Analytics PRB1179510 Error messages "UA: Could not find app attrs for app"
Usage Analytics PRB945829 When multiple app entries exist for the same plugin with different labels, the plugin activation check produces incorrect results
Vendor Performance Management PRB752231 Clicking "Generate Assessments" in the "Vendor Performance" module results in an warning
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1108100 Vendor portal cross scope privilege issue
Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA) PRB1170471 Vendor portal user authentication and SSO issues
Visual Task Boards PRB1157185 Unable to drag an additional assignee on VTB cards on mobile devices
Vulnerability Response PRB1037254 Vulnerability Response (com.snc.vulnerability) plugin activation does not complete due to an error on the index creation
Vulnerability Response PRB1039932 Import queue does not process correctly if scheduled job users do not have the permission to delete attachments
Vulnerability Response PRB1110416 Vulnerability item 'desired_state' is undefined in Internet Explorer, but works fine in Chrome
Vulnerability Response PRB1145325 Qualys Appliance Import ignores new records and matches the incorrect CI when multiple IPs are involved
Vulnerability Response PRB1148328 Qualys lookup code uses an inefficient query when using the new CI/VI lookup code
Vulnerability Response PRB1165505 Related list 'Vulnerabilities on Configuration Items' on the Security Incident form can cause performance degradation if both Security Incident and Vulnerable Item have an empty Configuration Item
Vulnerability Response PRB1210218 Scheduled job removes all VIs that were not updated within last hour
Web Services PRB1096698 ACL validation while getting the table schema is different compared to the UI ACL validation
Web Services PRB650865 Outbound SOAP and REST message should have unique names
Web Services PRB748637 Creating a new inbound Web Service with copy fields creates Web Service columns that cannot be deleted since they do not start with 'u_'
Web Services PRB851448 Changes to the property have no effect until the instance restarts
Web Services PRB914584 Mutual authentication (REST) with a custom profile name using "https" does not use custom profile values
Workflow PRB1234695 In IE11, when updating an activity in a Workflow, the popup becomes blank using Internet Explorer 11 as the browser
Workflow PRB1002345 A blank page is displayed and all inserted data is lost when saving any "core activity" on a workflow
Workflow PRB1036561 Manual group approvals are going to requested stated when the Approval Coordinator is executed
Workflow PRB1039137 Client script "Handle workflow ref change" on the a_ref_test table will never be executed because the table does not exist
Workflow PRB1042822 Workflow is hung at the join activity if the 'rollback to' activity is used in a workflow
Workflow PRB1071317 Finalizer stages are getting set to Pending when completed using the Requested Item renderer
Workflow PRB1077278 Approvals and group approvals are still active when REQ is already closed complete
Workflow PRB1080424 System update setting approval to cancel on sysapproval_group breaks the user functionality
Workflow PRB1103857 Need to add protection against infinite loop when traversing all positive paths during the 'Generate workflow activity'
Workflow PRB1105561 Setting workflow's "delivery based on" field to "Relative Duration" does not calculate the expected delivery time
Workflow PRB1110528 After an upgrade to Jakarta, the checkout page is blank
Workflow PRB1118243 Workflow stage is showing multiple times when sub-workflow is added in Jakarta
Workflow PRB1156520 Current is not being passed in before executing an activity script, and wrong current can be available during the processing
Workflow PRB1156991 Generate activity does not generate approvals from the Approval Coordinator activity
Workflow PRB1177768 Adding additional protection to the WorkflowStage ScriptInclude to protect against a full table query of sysapproval_approver in the future when a customer creates a custom stageGetChoices business rule
Workflow PRB1179622 WorkflowApprovalUtils.cancelAll() is not working correctly after PRB713188
Workflow PRB1181942 RITM Workflow with no stages is not showing the Gated Approval after it starts
Workflow PRB658178 Wait for Condition / Create Task not translating in the Stage List view when using non-legacy renderers for different languages
Workflow PRB658813 'current' object is incorrect for a business rule that triggers from a workflow Run Script activity
Workflow PRB668231 The Workflow timer activity is incorrectly handling daylight savings time
Workflow PRB675174 Manually translated workflow stages are not being reflected on the RITM Stage field by default
Workflow PRB678687 Generate activity issue with Branch/Join activities
Workflow PRB710730 Variables on the Catalog task activity are not sorted in alphabetical order
Workflow PRB719264 When the RITM state is set to 'Closed Incomplete', the group approval stays 'active = true' and 'state = Open'
Workflow PRB759067 Variable of Workflow Activity and its Type and Annotation are missing in the Form Design page
Workflow PRB799100 Copying workflows does not check for the name uniqueness
Workflow PRB911794 Different behaviors seen when creating user approval and group approval using the Approval Coordinator activity
Workflow PRB922101 Switch activity is not getting conditions in Workflow editor when the session language is other than English
Workflow PRB948210 New Workflow activity dialog does not exit upon the submission of activity (only on Internet Explorer)
Workflow PRB951756 Error with workflow and tasks
Workflow PRB960860 Slowness and/or transaction cancelled when navigating to the Workflow > Live Workflows > Active Contexts module and there are many inactive wf_context records