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Performance Analytics release notes

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Performance Analytics release notes

ServiceNow® Performance Analytics product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

New in the Kingston release

Widget on-click behavior
Configure widgets to redirect users to a specific URL when clicked on.
External data sources for Performance Analytics
Collect scores and breakdowns from external JDBC data sources.
Text analytics
Reveal any patterns that exist in user-entered text fields.
Automated scores migration
Use an automated process to migrate existing scores to an improved table structure.
Scheduled export of an indicator to PDF
Schedule an indicator to automate its distribution.
Admin Console
Set up and manage Performance Analytics and Reporting in a single page. Find, create, and modify dashboards, reports, indicators, and other configuration records. Troubleshoot errors, access usage information, modify advanced configurations, and more.
Analytics Diagnostics
Identify and diagnose configuration issues using predefined scripts that examine the database for invalid records and provide suggestions to resolve issues.

Changed in this release

  • Naming:
    • Performance Analytics Premium is called Performance Analytics.
    • Performance Analytics for Incident Management is called Complimentary Performance Analytics for Incident Management.
    • Content Packs are called Out-of-the-box Performance Analytics Solutions.
  • License activation: System administrators can now activate the plugin for the licensed version of Performance Analytics. The specific plugin that you activate depends on the product area you have purchased a subscription for. For more information, see Performance Analytics: Getting Started in the Performance Analytics Community pages.
  • Targets and thresholds: Displayed when you export a scorecard to PDF.
  • You can set a default global threshold color: with the property
  • Additional properties: appear on the Performance Analytics properties page.
  • You can search in choice lists: on the indicator and breakdown wizards.
  • The scorecard REST API: returns the indicator Unit.
  • Spotlight:
    • Existing Spotlight records are now deleted from the Spotlight table when the Spotlight evaluation job runs. If you have upgraded ServiceNow, the records created under the earlier release are deleted when the Spotlight evaluation job first runs.
    • Data collection periods can be configured by an administrator. Collections are no longer limited to daily frequency.

Activation information

Platform feature is active by default. Performance Analytics requires a separate subscription.