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Discovery release notes

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Discovery release notes

ServiceNow® Discovery application enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

New in the Kingston release

Credential-less Discovery
Use Nmap to perform credential-less Discovery when regular authentication on configuration items (CI) fails. Discovery and Service Mapping can run Nmap commands on the target to collect some basic information about the CI without using credentials. Nmap can return operating system information and application information, and perform reverse DNS resolution to identify a host from the IP address.
Layer 2 connectivity
Discovery can find and map relationships with layer 2 devices, such as the relationship between a server interface and the port of a switch or a router. Service Mapping is no longer required to discover this type of relationship.
Guided Setup
Use Discovery Guided Setup to complete these new setup tasks:
Discovery API
Use the discoverIpAddress() method to discover a single IP address. The system selects the MID Server for the discovery based on the IP address provided or the application specified. This Discovery API also adds a new Source option in the Discovery Status form.
Enhanced Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) discovery
Discover CIs based on TCP connections and running processes with enhanced ADM. Enhanced ADM installs a TCP tracking file on host machines. This file takes regular samples of TCP connections and running processes. The MID Server relays the information in this file back to the instance, where the enhanced ADM probes and sensors can update the CMDB. Use enhanced ADM for creating relationships between applications.
Discovery CI Schedule Manager
Use the DiscoveryCI Schedule Manager to access all discovered devices, errors that might occur during discovery, and unidentified IP addresses. The CI Schedule Manager provides a summary of discoveries that are triggered from Configuration Item schedules.
Microsoft SCCM 2016 support
The Now Platform supports data imports from SCCM 2016, providing Asset Intelligence and Incremental Software Reconciliation.
z/OS discovery
Discovery can find instances of IBM z/OS using patterns.
vCenter Discovery extension
Trigger custom probes from existing sensors to collect new attributes of currently discovered CIs or to discover attributes of new CI types.

Changed in this release

  • Load balancer discovery: Discover load balancers using patterns instead of probes. Patterns are active by default for both new installs and for upgrades.
  • Probe results cache: For new instances, the Probe results cache (glide.discovery.use_probe_results_cache) property is set to false by default. If you already set this value to true in an earlier release and you upgrade to this version, the value remains true.
  • VMWare vCenter Server Discovery: If ServiceNow® Software Asset Management is active on the instance, Discovery populates these tables:
    • VMWare License Key [samp_vmware_license_key]
    • VMWare License Key Usage [samp_vmware_license_key_usage]
  • NetApp storage discovery: The Discovery application supports native discovery of NetApp servers via REST without needing access to the SMI-S server.
  • Probe to pattern conversions: Several new patterns replace probes in this release.