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Enterprise Release Management release notes

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Enterprise Release Management release notes

Enterprise Release Management is a new feature in the Kingston release.

Enterprise Release Management helps you manage enterprise releases, product releases, and deployment process.

Enterprise Release Management features

Enterprise Release Management

The Enterprise Releases feature helps you to manage the phase gate process.

Define the key aspects of an enterprise release and plan the release activities in phases.

Product Release Management

The Product Releases feature helps you to manage the marketing side of a release: market release date, features developed in a release, and so on.

Define the key aspects of a product release, plan and maintain different versions of product releases, and track features released in each product version.

Deployment Management

The Deployment Management feature helps you to define a deployment pipeline, track the entry of builds in appropriate deployment phases (environments), create and execute test plans to check for any failures in builds, validate builds that are of high quality, and complete build approvals.

Activation information

If you have the admin role, you can activate the Enterprise Release Management plugin (com.snc.enterprise_release_management).