Available versions (Kingston)

The Kingston family includes Enterprise patches and hot fixes, as well as releases for Password Reset, ODBC, and Mobile.

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Kingston.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Kingston fixed problems, see KB0623762.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Q3 2018 QPP Targets

Releases Patch target option Release notes
Jakarta Jakarta Patch 9 Jakarta
Kingston Kingston Patch 6 Kingston
  • Targets are subject to change prior to patching. Target versions for a quarter change only if absolutely necessary.
  • ServiceNow will occasionally add an additional letter to some patch and hot fix names (for example, Helsinki Patch 9a). Please consult the release notes for the list of fixes included in each version.

Available versions

For patch release notes that are not yet listed below, refer to KB0656793.

For publicly available hot fix and security patch release notes that are not yet listed below, refer to KB0598632.

Release version Release type Released on Availability
Kingston Patch 8 Patch 08/23/2018 Available
Kingston Patch 7 Patch 06/28/2018 Available
Kingston Patch 6 Hot Fix 1 Hot fix 06/22/2018 Available by request
Kingston Patch 6 Patch 05/30/2018 Available
Kingston Patch 5 Patch 05/03/2018 Unavailable
Kingston Patch 4 Hot Fix 2 Hot fix 05/07/2018 Unavailable
Kingston Patch 4 Hot Fix 1 Hot fix 04/27/2018 Unavailable
Kingston Patch 4 Patch 04/05/2018


Replaced by Kingston Patch 4 Hot Fix 1

Kingston Patch 3b Security patch 04/27/2018 Unavailable
Kingston Patch 3a Hot Fix 1 Hot fix 05/16/2018 Unavailable
Kingston Patch 3a Security patch 03/27/2018 Unavailable
Kingston Patch 3 Hot Fix 1 Hot fix 04/03/2018 Unavailable
Kingston Patch 3 Patch 03/08/2018 Unavailable
Kingston Patch 2 Patch 02/08/2018 Unavailable
Kingston Patch 1 Patch 01/11/2018 Unavailable

Kingston security and notable fixes

All other Kingston fixes

Feature 11/16/2017 Unavailable
  • Available: Any user can upgrade to the version. "Available" versions will appear on the Instance Upgrade Management Dashboard.

    ServiceNow QPP targets and patches are immediately available. Users do not need to request an entitlement to schedule an upgrade to these versions.

  • Available by request: Contact ServiceNow Customer Support for approval to upgrade to the version.
  • Unavailable: The release version is not available.

Mobile versions

For the latest iOS and Android mobile application release notes, refer to KB0598602.

Password Reset Windows Application releases

For the latest Password Reset Windows Application release notes, refer to KB0598975.

ODBC Driver releases

For available ODBC release notes that are not yet listed below, refer to KB0540707.

The ODBC Driver patch release notes contain problem fixes for supported and legacy ODBC Driver patch versions.