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Manage notification settings in the native mobile app

Manage notification settings in the native mobile app

In the native mobile app, use Notification Settings to enable or disable your notifications and the channels for receiving them.

Before you begin

Role required: user

About this task

You can set additional notification preferences, such as conditions or filters that affect notification delivery, through the System Settings on a desktop instance or mobile web browser. For details, see Setting notification preferences in UI16.


  1. On your profile screen, tap Notification Settings.
  2. On the Notifications Settings screen, enable or disable your notifications.
    Enable Notifications Global switch for enabling or disabling all your notifications.
    Note: The system does not disable any notifications configured as mandatory by your administrator.
    Notification channels Switches for enabling or disabling the notifications that you receive by device.
    Notification categories List of notification categories. Each category identifies and groups related notifications. To select a notification:
    1. Tap the notification category.
    2. Tap the notification to be updated.
    3. Enable or disable the channels for that notification.
  3. Tap the back button (arrow) to navigate back to your profile screen.