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Set an inactivity monitor

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Set an inactivity monitor

An inactivity monitor triggers an event for a task record if the task has been inactive for a certain amount of time.

About this task

If the task remains inactive, the monitor repeats at regular intervals. User updates to the task record restart the monitor. If Reset Conditions are defined for the monitor but have not been met when you update the task record, the monitor is not restarted. Inactivity monitors only apply to records on tables that extend the Task table, or the Task table itself.

When an inactivity monitor triggers, it generates an event in the form <tablename>.inactivity (for example, incident.inactivity). The inactivity monitor does not automatically specify further actions, so either an email notification or script action must be defined to drive further action.

A record's activity is only based on user updates. System updates do not count as activity.


  1. Navigate to System Policy > SLA > Inactivity Monitors and click New.
  2. Give the inactivity monitor a name.
  3. Specify the type of record to monitor in the Table field.
  4. Specify how long the inactivity monitor should wait before sending each notification in the Wait field.
  5. Specify any additional conditions in the Condition field. At least one condition must be specified for the inactivity monitor to work.
  6. Specify an Order if multiple inactivity monitors might have their conditions met for a given record - the one with the lowest order will be used.
  7. Click Save.
    Note: If conditions are changed on an inactivity monitor, the monitor stops tracking previously tracked records. An inactivity monitor does not track records that were created before the inactivity monitor, even if the record meets all other conditions