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View clone history

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View clone history

You can view the status and history of any system clone request.

Before you begin

Role required: clone_admin or admin

About this task

The System Clone [clone_instance] table stores records for all previously and currently scheduled clones.


  1. Navigate to System Clone > Live Clones > Clone History.
    Clone history also displays the State for current and past clones. Clones in the draft state do not appear on the clone history table.
    Clone completed
    Table 1. Clone states
    Clone state Description
    Requested The clone was requested and is awaiting approval.
    Scheduled The clone is ready to begin at the scheduled time and date.
    Active The clone is currently running.
    Completed The clone completed successfully.
    Canceled A user canceled the request.
    Hold The server rejected the clone request. This can happen either because the clone was not ready to proceed by the scheduled time or because additional clone requests were submitted before the first one completed.
    Error The clone encountered an error while running. Contact technical support for help resolving this issue.
  2. Select a System Clone record to view its history.