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Create a clone target

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Create a clone target

A clone target record specifies the instance URL and credentials used for cloning.

Before you begin

  • User credentials for the target instance: provide credentials for a user with the admin role. The target instance credentials must exist in the User [sys_user] table as a user record or as part of an LDAP integration. Clone requests cannot redirect authentication requests to a single sign-on identity provider.
  • System property on target instance: verify the system property glide.db.clone.allow_clone_target is set to True. By default, this property is enabled on instances whose name ends in Dev, Test, Stage, UAT, or QA.
  • IP Access controls on target instance: if the target instance uses IP range based authentication, it must allow the IP range to communicate on a local network.
  • Role required: clone_admin or admin.


  1. Navigate to System Clone > Clone Targets.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the URL for the receiving instance (target).

    The system validates the instance allows clone targets and that High Availability Cloning is active. Production and demonstration instances fail these validation checks.

    Figure 1. Clone target invalid
    Clone target error message
  4. Enter the basic authentication credentials for a user account with the admin role on the target instance.
    Clone target
    Note: You cannot request cloning multiple targets from the same source. Instead, make a separate request for each target.
    The system validates the user credentials have admin access to the target instance.
  5. Click Submit.
    The system checks connectivity and validates the user credentials against the target instance.