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Run a feedback report

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Run a feedback report

A This Helped button appears in displayed knowledge articles, allowing users to mark an article as helpful for resolving the associated issue. You can report on searches where a knowledge article was marked as helpful to measure the effectiveness of the contextual search results.

About this task

For example, service desk managers can produce a report on user issues that were resolved without an incident being raised to help measure the benefits of incident deflection using knowledge. This information can help to create targeted knowledge based on trends.

For example, analyzing commonly-raised incidents then creating knowledge articles based around those incident can help resolve or deflect similar incidents in future.


  1. Navigate to Reports > View / Run.
  2. Select the report to run.
    Reports available by default are:
    • Number of deflected incidents over the last 3 months: A line chart displaying the total number of deflected incidents per month for the last 3 months.
    • Successful deflection articles by search term: A grouped list of search terms and the knowledge articles that were marked as helpful.
    • Top 15 most helpful articles: A bar chart showing the top 15 articles that have been marked as helpful.
    Note: You can also run a report by navigating to and searching for the word Relevant.

What to do next

You can create additional feedback information reports by querying feedback tables.