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Schedule the export of an indicator to PDF

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Schedule the export of an indicator to PDF

Schedule an indicator to automate its distribution.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_power_user, pa_admin, or admin


Navigate to Performance Analytics > Scheduled Indicators and create a new record.
Table 1. Scheduled Indicator fields
Field Description
Indicator Select the indicator that you want to export.
Breakdown Select a breakdown to filter the indicator scores.
Element If you selected a breakdown, select a breakdown element to show only scores associated with that element.
Chart Select this checkbox to include the scores visualization in the PDF. The visualization is the same as displayed on the indicator scorecard.
Breakdowns Select this checkbox to include the scores for each breakdown and breakdown element in a table at the bottom of the PDF. If you have selected a Breakdown and Element, the breakdowns displayed at the bottom of the PDF are 2nd-level breakdowns.

Users who should receive the indicator.

To receive indicators, users must have an Email address defined and have Notifications set to Enable in their user records.

Groups Groups that should receive the indicator.
Email addresses Email addresses of users who should receive the indicator but who are not in the system.
Active Check box that enables (selected) or disables (cleared) scheduling for the indicator.
Run Frequency for exporting the indicator.
Time Time of day to export the indicator.
Conditional Check box that displays (selected) or hides (cleared) the Condition field, which allows you to specify conditions under which the indicator is exported.

User-created script that checks for certain conditions to be true before exporting the indicator.

This field is visible only when Conditional is selected.

Subject Text that appears in the subject line of the distribution email.
Introductory message Additional message that is delivered with the indicator.
Include with Additional scheduled indicators to send.
Orientation Select the page orientation, Landscape or Portrait.
Zip output Select this check box to send the indicator as a zip file.