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Create a real-time score visualization for a score widget

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Create a real-time score visualization for a score widget

To see the current score, use a real-time score visualization in a score widget. You can also show a trend line of scores.

Before you begin

  • The indicator for which you want the real-time scores must have the Show real-time score property enabled.
  • Role required: pa_power_user or admin

About this task

A real-time score visualization shows the current score and both the absolute and percentage change between this score and the score at the last previous scheduled data collection. This visualization is similar to a Chart view in a scorecard. You can also show a trend line of absolute or percentage changes in scores.
Note: At least one condition must be set on the indicator or its associated indicator source for real-time data to be collected.
Figure 1. Real-time score visualization
Real-time score visualization of open incidents


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Widgets.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Name field, give the widget a name that reflects the information being displayed.
  4. In the Type field, select Score.
    If you change the value of Type after you fill in other fields, those fields are cleared.
  5. In the Visualization field, select Real-time score.
  6. In the Indicator field, select the indicator for which you want to show scores.
  7. (Optional) To filter the scores by a breakdown, select values in the Breakdown and first Element fields.
    If you select a breakdown but not an element, the widget shows only the scores for which no value is assigned for the breakdown.
  8. (Optional) If you have selected a breakdown and you want to filter the scores by a second breakdown, select values in the 2nd Breakdown and second Element fields.
    If you have selected Follow element, a second breakdown is not available.
  9. (Optional) The following options apply only when the widget is included in a "breakdown dashboard":
    1. Select Follow element for the widget to follow the element that the user selects interactively on the dashboard.
    2. Note: Breakdown dashboard configurations specify breakdown sources, not specific breakdowns. The same breakdown source can be used for multiple breakdowns.
      Select Follow breakdown to set which of the possible breakdowns to follow.
    For more information, see Using breakdowns on dashboards.
  10. (Optional) Select a template.
    Template nameDescription
    Template 1 Line shows absolute change in score.
    Template 2 Line shows percentage change in score.
    Template 3 Line is not displayed.
    Real-time score visualizations use Template 2 by default.
  11. Click Submit.

What to do next

To view the widget, add it to a dashboard.