Create a heatmap visualization in a pivot widget

To group the scores of an indicator by two breakdowns, use a heatmap visualization in a pivot widget.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_power_user or admin

About this task

If you want to apply two breakdowns to an indicator, create a pivot widget with the breakdowns as the two axes of the pivot table. Heatmaps, which use a color gradient to highlight when both scores are high, are the only visualization available for pivot widgets.
Figure 1. Heatmap visualization - pivot widget
Heatmap visualization of open incidents by priority and category


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Widgets.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Name field, give the widget a name that reflects the information being displayed.
  4. In the Type field, select Pivot.
    If you change the value of Type after you fill in other fields, those fields are cleared.
  5. In the Visualization field, select Heatmap.
  6. In the Indicator field, select the indicator which you want to break down.
  7. In the Breakdown field, select the breakdown to be the X-axis.
  8. In the 2nd Breakdown field, select the breakdown to be the Y-axis.
  9. (Optional) In the Display Settings, set the color scheme and whether to display data labels.
  10. Click Submit.

What to do next

To view the widget, add it to a dashboard.