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Spotlight criteria

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Spotlight criteria

Spotlight criteria define how to weight records based on specific attributes, such as assigning a higher weight to incidents with a higher priority.

Some criteria may be more important than others and have a higher weight. Weight from multiple criteria is cumulative within a spotlight group. The score of a record is the total weight from all applicable spotlight criteria in the spotlight group.

For example, the priority P1 - Critical has a weight of 1000, the priority P2 - High has a weight of 100, and open incidents not updated in 30 days have a weight of 1000. In this example an open P2 incident that has not been updated in 30 days has a total score of 1100 and is prioritized above a recently-opened P1 incident that has a total score of 1000.

Create spotlight criteria

Create spotlight criteria to define when to weight a record, and the weight to assign.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_spotlight and pa_viewer

About this task

You can define spotlight criteria based on values in a table, or based on a Performance Analytics indicator.


  1. Navigate to Spotlight > Spotlight Criteria.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select the Spotlight Group to associate this criterion with.
    Each criterion can be associated with one spotlight group. A spotlight group can have any number of criteria associated with it.
  4. Enter the Weight you want to assign to records that meet this criterion.
  5. Select the Criteria Type to determine which records are assigned the specified weight.
    Indicator Select an Indicator to assign the weight to all records included in that indicator. Optionally select one or two breakdowns and elements to limit the included records to only those with the specified breakdown element values.
    Query The Facts table that is the source for the Spotlight Group is selected automatically. Set Filter conditions, too. The specified weight is applied to all records from the facts table that match the filter conditions.
  6. Click Submit.