Analyze Spotlight data

Combine Spotlight data with data from the source table to perform detailed analysis on high-priority work.

When the total weight of a record included in a Spotlight group exceeds the threshold for that group, a new record is created on the Spotlight [spotlight] table. The spotlight record id field stores the sys_id of the corresponding facts table record. The spotlight table also has a table field that identifies the corresponding facts table for each record.

To perform detailed analysis and to easily view record details along with the Spotlight weight, create a database view between the Spotlight table and the record source table, such as incident. Join the tables so that the Spotlight ID value matches the source record sys_id value. For example, the Incident Spotlight solution includes the incident_spotlight database view, which includes the following tables:
Table Variable prefix Where clause
spotlight spotlight spotlight_table='incident'
incident inc spotlight_id=inc_sys_id
From this example, you see the following rules for creating the database view:
  • Always include two tables: the spotlight table and the facts table that is the data source for the Spotlight group main indicator.
  • The Where clause for the spotlight table specifies records for which the value of the spotlight table field is the same as the name of the facts table.
  • The Where clause for the facts table specifies records where the sys_id field of the facts table matches the id field of the spotlight table.

When you have created the database view, use it as the data source for creating reports to visualize Spotlight results. To get an idea about what kind of reports to design, install the Incident Spotlight solution and view the included dashboard.