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Breakdown element filters

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Breakdown element filters

Element filters enable you to limit the displayed breakdown elements on a scorecard or widget using filter conditions.

You can select an element filter when viewing breakdowns on a scorecard, or when configuring a breakdown widget.

Create an element filter

Select the breakdown source and filter conditions to filter breakdown elements from that breakdown source.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_data_collector or admin


Navigate to Performance Analytics > Element Filters and create a new record (see table for field descriptions).
Table 1. Element filter fields
Field Description
Breakdown source Select the breakdown source you want to create an element filter for. The element filter is available for any breakdowns based on this breakdown source.
Facts table Read-only. Displays the breakdown source facts table.
Filter Specify the filter conditions to limit the available elements. Only elements that meet these conditions are displayed when you apply this element filter.

For example, if the breakdown source facts table is User [sys_user], you can add a filter condition to include only users in a particular department such as [Department][is][HR].

Roles Select any roles that a user must have to select this element filter. A user must have at least one of the specified roles. If no roles are specified, all users can acess this element filter.

What to do next

You can select the element filter on a scorecard Breakdown tab when viewing a breakdown based on the same breakdown source as the element filter.

You can specify a Default element filter for a breakdown to select that element filter automatically when viewing the breakdown. Users that view the breakdown on a scorecard can change or clear the selected element filter.

You can also specify a Element filter from the Breakdown settings tab when creating a breakdown widget. Users cannot change or clear the element filter on a widget when viewing the widget.