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Out-of-the-box Performance Analytics Solutions

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Out-of-the-box Performance Analytics Solutions

Out-of-the-box Performance Analytics Solutions contain preconfigured best practice dashboards. These dashboards contain data visualizations that help you improve your business processes and practices. With in-form analytics, you can access preconfigured dashboards directly from a form.

Note: Out-of-the-box solutions and in-form analytics provide all the configuration records required to analyze default applications. You must license Performance Analytics to collect scores for indicators.

Performance Analytics solutions

Out-of-the-box solutions contain pre-configured dashboards that track and analyze key processes and metrics.

Use the Performance Analytics widgets on the dashboard to visualize data over time, analyze your business processes, and identify areas of improvement. With solutions, you can get value from Performance Analytics for your application with minimal setup.
Note: Solutions include some dashboards that are inactive by default. You can activate these dashboards to make them visible to end users according to your business needs.

Solutions provide all the configuration records required to analyze default applications.

In-form analytics

In-form analytics integrate performance insights into forms so that users can access important metrics in context, and make better decisions.

A dashboard with relevant visualizations appears as a pop-up window when a user clicks the Analytics icon (Analytics icon) next to a field. For example, in-form analytics on an incident form show the expected time to close that incident based on historical data, enabling support engineers to set appropriate customer expectations.

If an application has a solution plugin that is inactive, that plugin is activated when you activate its corresponding in-form analytics solution.

Available Performance Analytics Solutions

Performance Analytics Solutions with preconfigured dashboards, indicators, and other configuration records are available for multiple applications.

Individual solutions

Solutions are available for the following applications. The ID for each plugin is listed in parentheses. Solutions that are activated when you activate ITSM Dashboards are marked by an asterisk *.
  • Application Portfolio Management (
  • Application Portfolio Management and Change Management (
  • Application Portfolio Management and Problem Management (
  • Change Management (*
  • Cloud Management (
  • Communities (com.sn_communities)
  • Configuration Management (CMDB) (
  • Customer Service ( - Includes a Spotlight group. Activation also activates the Spotlight plugin. See Available Spotlight solutions
  • Discovery (
  • Event Management (
  • Field Service Management (com.snc.work_management_pa)
  • Financial Management (
  • Financial Management for Customer Service (
  • Financial Management for Field Service Management (
  • Financial Management for Financial Planning (
  • Human Resources Scoped App (com.sn_hr_pa)
    Note: The solution for the unscoped version of Human Resources,, is deprecated. If you are using the unscoped version of Human Resources and want to activate its solution plugin, contact customer support.
  • Human Resources Lifecycles Events Scoped App (com.sn_hr_lifecycle_pa)
  • Incident Management (*
    Note: Incident management content is available by default with Performance Analytics in a limited version.
  • Incident SLA (*
  • Knowledge Management (*
  • Major Incident Management (
  • Problem Management (*
  • Project Portfolio Suite (
  • Project Portfolio Suite Dashboards (com.snc.pps_dashboards) (also activates Project Portfolio Suite)
  • Request Management (Requested Item) (*
  • Request Management (Requests) (
  • Service Desk Chat (
  • Security Incident Analytics (
  • Software Asset Management (
Note: For Performance Analytics Spotlight solutions, see Available Spotlight solutions.

ITSM Dashboard solutions

The ITSM Dashboards plugin ( activates the following solutions, along with a set of additional dashboards:
  • Change Management (
  • Problem Management (
  • Request Management (Requested Item) (
  • Knowledge Management (
  • Incident SLA (*
  • ITSM Dashboards (
  • Incident Management (*
    Note: Incident management content is available by default with Performance Analytics in a limited version.

Available in-form analytics

In-form analytics, which integrate data visualizations into forms, are available for multiple applications.

In-form analytics are available for the following applications. The ID for each plugin is listed in parentheses.
  • Context Sensitive Analytics for Change Management (
  • Context Sensitive Analytics for Chat (
  • Context Sensitive Analytics for Customer Service (
  • Context Sensitive Analytics for Incident (
  • Context Sensitive Analytics for Problem Management (

Activate a solution using guided setup

You can activate and set up Performance Analytics solutions quickly and consistently using guided setup.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Guided setup simplifies the process of activating solutions and configuring the provided records to meet your needs. After you complete guided setup, Performance Analytics will be configured for an application. Collect data, and you can view indicator scores on scorecards and dashboards.
Note: You can activate Performance Analytics solutions on instances that do not have Performance Analytics to evaluate the functionality. However, to collect scores for indicators you must license Performance Analytics.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Guided Setup.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. Scroll to the application you want to set up a solution for, such as Incident or Customer Service.
  4. If the plugin is not yet active, guided setup is locked until you activate the solution plugin.
    Note: A user must have the admin role to complete these steps.
    1. Click View plugins.
    2. Click the Activate/Upgrade related link.
    3. Click Activate.
      Activating a Performance Analytics solution plugin also activates any plugins for the associated application if they are not already active. For example, activating the Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Customer Service plugin also activates the Customer Service plugin, if it is not already active.
    4. After the plugin is activated, close the plugin window to return to guided setup.
  5. Click Get Started for the application you are setting up.
  6. Follow the guided setup instructions to review the provided records such as indicators, breakdowns, widgets, and dashboards and to begin collecting Performance Analytics scores.
    As you perform each step, additional information appears in the right-side Help menu.