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SLA commitments

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SLA commitments

The Service Portfolio Management - SLA Commitments plugin adds functionality to Service Portfolio Management.

In Service Portfolio Management, Service Offerings define different levels of service for an existing business service and Service Commitments define the services that are included with the service offering. For example, an organization may offer two levels of desktop support: a Standard offering provides commitments of upgrades and virus protection, and an Executive offering provides the standard commitments plus an availability guarantee of 98% from 8-5 on weekdays. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) allow the service desk to track whether they provide a level of service in a defined amount of time.

Service Portfolio Management - SLA Commitments allow commitments to be defined by an SLA, so that staff can track how efficiently the service desk meets commitments for a service offering.

Note: Service Offering SLAs run against records that have an associated Service Offering CI, and do not create standard task SLA [task_sla] records.