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Repair SLAs

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Repair SLAs

SLA Administrators can repair SLA records to ensure SLA timing and duration information is accurate.

Repair of SLAs is useful to determine accurate timing information if your system has SLA records that contain incorrect values. For example, you may need to repair SLA records as a result of:
  • poorly defined schedules
  • poorly defined conditions on an SLA Definition
  • some other system anomaly

The repair function removes the SLA record, then recreates and recalculates it from the start, including recreating the workflow. The repair uses the history from the Task and if appropriate will also create new Task SLAs that did not previously exist. For example, a new Task SLA may be needed if a new SLA Definition has been added since an associated Incident was created or updated.

The workflow used when recreating the SLAs is controlled by system properties and can be found by navigating to Service Level Management > Properties > SLA Repair. Any workflow that is used in the repair process will attempt to follow a repair path when processing the SLA Percentage Timer activities. This can be used to avoid running activities that are not needed for the repair over and over again.

You can repair single SLAs from the relevant form or multiple SLAs from relevant lists.
Note: SLA repair is not available on SLA definitions, as running a repair operation for an SLA definition could affect large numbers of records on your system, with significant performance impact.

You can also configure and manage SLA repair functions.