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Show item details in sections or pop-ups

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Show item details in sections or pop-ups

By default, a service catalog category displays the first two items with the preview section expanded to show item details. You can change the number of items that are previewed, or change the preview to appear in a pop-up window.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Administration > Properties.
  2. To change the number of items previewed, set the Number of Catalog Items to expand in browsing and search when not using pop-up icons to view details ( property to the desired number.
    Expanded to 2 items. Expanded to 1 item.
    Figure 1. 2 items
    Figure 2. 1 item
  3. To use the preview icon, set the When browsing a category use the pop-up icon to show item details ( property to Yes.
    When set to No, the item details appear when you click Preview. When set to Yes, the item details appear as a pop-up when the cursor hovers over the item icon.
    Figure 3. Set to No
    Figure 4. Set to Yes