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Create a Service Catalog client script

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Create a Service Catalog client script

You can create client scripts to customize the catalog.

About this task

Use catalog client scripts to control the behavior of the catalog items when presented to your users. Catalog client scripts can be applied to a catalog item or a variable set. These scripts run on the browser instead of the server, allowing you to better control the information that the user submits.

The priority order for g_form APIs is:
  1. Mandatory (highest)
  2. ReadOnly/Display

If a variable is set to mandatory and does not have value, readonly or hide do not work on that variable. If a variable is hidden or readonly, and then set to mandatory, the variable field becomes visible or editable.

This priority order is also applicable for variable sets and containers. If a variable set or container has a mandatory variable without any value, then the container or variable set cannot be hidden.


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Administration > Catalog Client Scripts. A list of current custom catalog client scripts appears.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Field Description
    Name Unique name for the catalog client script.
    Applies to Item type this client script applies to:
    • A Catalog Item: enables the Catalog item field.
    • A Variable Set: enables the Variable set field.
    Active Check box to enable the client script. Clear the check box to disable the script.
    UI Type Whether to apply this field to desktop, mobile, or both.
    Script Client script to run on the service catalog item.
    Type Select when the script runs, such as onLoad or onSubmit.
    Catalog item or Variable set Select a catalog item or variable set from the list. The field name and options available depend on the selection in the Applies to field.
    Applies on a Catalog Item view Check box to apply the catalog client script to catalog items displayed within the order screen on the service catalog. Available in the requester view.
    Applies on Requested Items Check box to apply the catalog client script on a Requested Item form, after the item is requested. Available in the fulfiller view. See VEditor.
    Applies on Catalog Tasks Check box to apply the catalog client script when a Catalog Task form for the item is being displayed. Available in the fulfiller view. See VEditor.
    Applies on the Target Record Check box to support the catalog UI policy on a record created for task-extended tables via record producers. See Default variable editor.
  4. Click Submit.