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Configure preview

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Configure preview

Configure the number of items that have the Preview section expanded to display item details. You can also change the default number (5) of items and categories that display, and hide the Exists in categories information.

About this task

By default, if not showing item details using pop-ups, the first two items listed in the category display have the Preview section expanded to display item details.

To change the number of items with this information expanded, set the Number of Catalog Items to expand in browsing and search when not using pop-up icons to view details ( property to the number required.

Expanding to 2 items Expanding to 1 item

Set number of items and categories to preview

By default, up to five items or categories appear in each category on the homepage.

About this task

To change this number, set the Number of Catalog Items/Categories to preview in a section ( property to the required value.

Figure 1. Previewing five items
Screenshot for previewing five items
Figure 2. Previewing two items
Screenshot for previewing two items

Hide the existing categories in the categories display

By default, catalog items that are in several categories show Exists in categories information that shows other categories that the items are available in. You can hide this information.

Set the Show the additional categories section when viewing a catalog item( property to No.
Figure 3. Showing additional categories
Screenshot displaying additional categories
Figure 4. Hiding additional categories
Screenshot hiding additional categories