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Publish an item to the hardware catalog

Publish an item to the hardware catalog

After you create a hardware item for the vendor catalog, publish it to the hardware catalog for viewing. The hardware catalog is a section within the service catalog.

Before you begin

To see the Publish to Hardware Catalog Item related link on the Vendor Catalog Item form, add a hardware model or a consumable model to the Product Model field, and leave the Product Catalog Item field blank.

Role required: catalog_admin

About this task

After you publish a vendor catalog item to the hardware catalog, the Publish to Hardware Catalog related link is no longer available. Any changes made on the vendor catalog item record are synchronized with the information in the hardware catalog.


  1. Navigate to Product Catalog > Catalog Definition > Vendor Items.
  2. Open a vendor catalog item.
  3. In Related Links, click Publish to Hardware Catalog.
  4. Select a Category.
  5. Click OK.
    The Hardware Catalog form opens and the item is listed in the Vendor catalog Items related list.

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