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Accept or Reject a Major Incident Candidate

Accept or Reject a Major Incident Candidate

When an incident is proposed as a major incident candidate, the Major Incident Manager can accept or reject the candidate.

Before you begin

Role required: major incident manager

About this task

If a major incident manager approves, the incident is promoted to a major incident and the Major incident state field in the incident form under the Major incident tab is changed from Proposed to Accepted. Also, the View Workbench button appears on the header of the incident form. The View Workbench button takes you to a single pane view designed for major incident managers, communication managers, and resolver groups to manage major incidents. If the major incident manager rejects the candidate, the incident remains as is and the Major incident state field is changed to Rejected.
Note: If a major incident candidate is rejected, a notification is sent to the assignment group associated to the incident.
A major incident manager can create a major incident in the following ways:
  • Promote a major incident candidate to a major incident: On the form context menu, click Promote to Major Incident.
  • Create a new major incident: Navigate to Application > Incident > Major Incidents > Create Major Incident.
    Note: When you create a new major incident, the candidate becomes the child of the newly created major incident. The Create major incident from candidate property ( .min.major_incident_creation) provides option to create a new major incident or to promote a major incident candidate to a major incident.

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