Legacy change risk assessment migration

Users can migrate legacy risk data to create copies of legacy assessments and their related records in assessment tables.

Before you begin

Role required: itil_admin

The Change Management - Risk Assessment (legacy) [com.snc.change.risk_assessment] and Change Management - Risk Assessment [com.snc.change_management.risk_assessment] plugin must be activated.

About this task

The following legacy risk assessment components are migrated:
  • Risk assessment questions and question choices
If there are multiple assessment conditions, the migration might result in the following one or more than one risk assessment records:
  • If all the multiple assessment conditions are on the same table, then the migration results in only one risk assessment.
  • If the multiple assessment conditions are on different tables, then the migration creates as many risk assessments as there are tables.


  1. Navigate to Change > Risk Assessment (legacy).
  2. Open the legacy risk assessment that you want to migrate to a change risk assessment.
  3. Click the Migrate to Risk Assessment related link.
    A message window appears stating that the assessment is migrated to a new change risk assessment.
    Note: Migrating legacy risk assessment to a new change risk assessment does not modify the existing legacy assessment records.
  4. Click OK.