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Merge a software license

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Merge a software license

If you have multiple software licenses that are linked to the same model, you can merge these individual licenses into one new consolidated license.

About this task

To be merged, the individual licenses must meet the following requirements:
  • The licenses cannot already be merged into another consolidated license.
  • The information in the following fields must match for each license:
    • Model
    • Allocated condition
    • Assigned condition
    • Company
    • Location
    • Department
    • Cost center
    • State
  • The licenses must have the same set of software upgrades and downgrades and the same set of assets covered. To verify this information, go to Software Asset > Software Licenses and select a license.
    • For upgrades and downgrades, go to the Software Upgrade and Downgrades related list.
    • For assets covered, go to the Assets Covered embedded list in the Contracts related list.

If a license can be merged, Merge with similar licenses appears under Related Links on the Software License form.

To merge a license:


  1. Open a license.
  2. Click the Merge with similar licenses link.

    Displays a dialog box with a message stating that the merge process is irreversible and that license keys are not merged.

  3. Click OK.

    All qualifying licenses, including the current license, are merged into a new consolidated license. An informational message appears until the user is redirected to the newly merged license.

    All qualifying licenses are merged into a new consolidated license unless they can be matched to an existing consolidated license. If they are merged into a new consolidated license, the Asset tag field is cleared. After merging, the merged license is marked as Is merged license (field = true) and the Merged into field is set to this license for the consolidated licenses.

    Note: Licenses that are marked as merged are not counted.
    For the consolidated licenses:
    • The number of rights are summed up into a new count.
    • The asset and user entitlements are transferred to the new license.
    • The expense lines and assets on contract rate cards are transferred to the new license.
    • The set of software upgrades and downgrades, as well as the set of assets covered, are copied to the new license.
    • The cost of each individual license is summed up into the new license using the system base currency.
    • A history of the consolidated licenses and where they went is maintained.