Add a custom question to the Security Questions verification

To enroll for the 'Security Questions' verification, the user selects several questions and supplies answers that only the user knows. You can add a custom question to the set of questions that are included with the base system.

Before you begin

Role required: password_reset_admin or admin

About this task

The default language is English, and you can create a custom question in a non-English language. If you create the appropriate non-English language questions, then the questions appear in the language that the user requested during login.
Note: Do not change the Language value for the default questions that come with the base system.


  1. Navigate to Password Reset > Security Questions and then click New.
  2. Enter the English language question in the Security question field and then click Submit.
    The question appears in the Translations related list.
  3. To add the same question in another language, complete the following steps.
    1. Click the English language question to translate.
    2. On the Password Reset Question page, in the Translations related list, click New.
    3. Select the language in the Language field.
    4. Enter the non-English text in the Security question field.
    5. Click Submit.
    The question appears in the Translations related list on the Password Reset Question page. If a user selects the language while logging in, then the verification question appears in that language.