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Review and approval of business service maps

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Review and approval of business service maps

After the Service Mapping administrator maps business services and fixes errors in them, the administrator and the owner collaborate to review and approve the business service maps.

Users who perform review and approval have the roles of a Service Mapping administrator and a business service owner. The Service Mapping administrator is responsible for mapping, fixing, and maintaining business services. The business service owner is familiar with the infrastructure and applications making up the service. This user is your business service SME who provides information necessary for successful mapping of a business service. Once a service is mapped, this user reviews the results and either approves it or suggests changes.

The review and approval process is performed in the following stages:
  1. After the initial mapping of business services, the administrator fixes errors and sends individual business services for review. The system creates a service process task assigned to the business service owner and sends an email notification about it.
  2. The business service owner checks that the business service maps are complete and all major components comprising it are correctly represented. If necessary, the owner leaves comments, referred to as reject messages, on business service maps for the Service Mapping administrator to implement. The service process task assigned to the owner closes. The system sends an email notification to the administrator that the owner posted comments.
  3. The administrator receives the email notification, views owner requests and implements them.
  4. The administrator resends the business service maps for review. The system again creates a service process task assigned to the business service owner and sends an email notification about it.
  5. If the revised business service maps are satisfactory, the business service owner approves them. If not, the owner requests further fixes, which the administrator must address.
Approval flow for individual business servicesSend the business service for reviewReview the business service and request fixesReview and implement owner's requestsResend the business services for reviewReview and approve the business service

The process of business service review may take some time as it requires making changes and repeatedly running the mapping process on the business service. Typically, it takes several iterations to arrive at the desired result.

Once the owner approves a business service, the business service status changes to Approved and it appears in the list of completed business services on the Home page.