View the alert timeline

Identify outage trends over a period of time by viewing the alert timeline.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_admin, evt_mgmt_operator, or evt_mgmt_user

About this task

You can view the alert timeline to visualize the number of alerts by severity by month, quarter, or year. If there are no alerts for the period, the lane is blank.

This video shows the basic components of Event Management, including the alert timeline.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Alert Timeline.
  2. To view a set of alerts, click a month, quarter, or bubble for a particular day.
    If there are no alerts during a selected period, nothing appears.
    View of the Alert Timeline
    Under each month, an indicator displays the number and severity of alerts in a period.
    Alert for a particular day
  3. Use the following keys to move forward and backward through the timeline:
    To move forward Press the Up or Leftarrow key.
    To move backward Press the Down or Rightarrow key.
  4. To change the labels and colors for the timeline:
    1. Click Settings and then click Configure.
    2. In the Personalize Timeline dialog box, select conditions, labels, and colors for the lanes and panels.
    3. Click Submit.