View self-health monitoring output

View the self-health monitoring output to visualise the information collected.

The self-health monitoring output can be viewed:
  • In the overview module.
  • In the Event Management dashboard.
  • In View maps in a manual service.
  • In a report generated by em_monitor_conf.

Event Management overview module

In overview module dashboards, use Performance Analytics to view or create reports. For example, Last hour event states, Event per buckets, and Last day Events Per Status. For more information about overview dashboards, see Event Management Overview dashboard.

Event Management dashboard

In the Event Management dashboard, double-click the ServiceNow Event Management manual service tile.

Event Management dashboard tile

Manual service

The manual service opens in the map view.

Map view

The component that has a critical alert is visually noticeable. To drill down, click the downward-pointing arrow next to the component. In the context menu, click Open in Dependency View.

Alert dependency view

Report generated by em_monitor_conf.

For information monitored by em_monitor_conf, generate a report by typing in your browser after the instance name, for example: In the resultant report, locate <em.monitor.states> and the text that follows, displays the information from the em_monitor_conf report.

Self-health monitor report