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Integrate Datadog as a data source

Integrate Datadog as a data source

To add Datadog as a data source, configuration is required, both in Event Management and in Datadog.

The configuration required in, Event Management to collect events and incidents from Datadog, include:

Event Management configuration tasks

Datadog components are made available to Event Management users by selecting menu items. The menus functions are imported into Event Management through an update set. Perform these tasks in Event Management:
  • Add the Datadog menu components.
  • Configure the transform tables.

Datadog configuration tasks

In Datadog, configure the integration with Event Management and specify the required target interim table. Perform these tasks in Datadog:
  • Configure the Event Management integration.
  • Add the required credentials.
  • Add the details for the target interim table.
  • Test the integration.

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