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Configure Discovery for Windows hosts with attached storage

Configure Discovery for Windows hosts with attached storage

Discovery can find information about a Windows host and attached storage.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or discovery_admin

About this task

You can configure Discovery for Windows hosts with attached storage.


  1. For Windows 2008 servers that attach to storage via FC. For servers that are using newer operating systems, similar functionality is present with the operating system; this step is not required:
    1. Download and install the Microsoft Fibre Channel Information Tool from Search the website for Microsoft Fibre Channel Information Tool.
    2. Set the environment path for the fcinfo executable and run the fcinfo.exe file.
  2. For all Windows hosts including Windows 2008, add Windows credentials to the Discovery Credentials table.
  3. On the ServiceNow instance, create a Discovery Schedule for each host IP address.
  4. (Optional) Create a behavior that uses a functionality definition with a wbem port probe to make the initial port-scanning phase (Shazzam) more efficient.
  5. Run network discovery.
    Note: If the host also connects to a NAS or SAN storage array, set up the SMI-S Provider and CIM credentials.

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