PostgreSQL discovery

Discovery can find running instances of PostgreSQL on Windows and Linux systems.

Credentials and other prerequisites

The user must have root-level access to the database to access the postgresql.conf file.

Classifiers, patterns, and probes

Classifier Trigger probes Patterns
PostgreSQL Instance
  • Horizontal Pattern: launches patterns
  • PostgreSQL - Configuration* (add the must_sudo parameter to this probe)
  • PostgreSQL - Version*

PostgreSQL DB

*For new instances, these probes are inactive on the classifier. Discovery uses patterns for discovery.

To use patterns, verify that the correct pattern is specified in the horizontal pattern probe on the classifier. See Add the Horizontal Pattern probe to a classifier for instructions.

Table 1. Data collected
Label Table Name Field Name Source
Name cmdb_ci_db_postgresql_instance name PostgreSQL Instance@hostname
Data Directory cmdb_ci_db_postgresql_instance data_dir running process
TCP port cmdb_ci_db_postgresql_instance tcp_port running process
SQL Configuration cmdb_ci_db_postgresql_instance postgres_conf data_directory/postgresql.conf
Version cmdb_ci_db_postgresql_instance version postmaster/postgres


Parent class Relationship Child class
cmdb_ci_db_postgresql_instance Runs on:Runs cmdb_ci_windows_server or cmdb_ci_linux_server