z/OS discovery

Discovery finds computers running the z/OS operating system.


The USS service must be running on port 22 on z/OS.

These commands may be run on the host machine:
  • uname
  • hostname
  • sysvar SYSNAME
  • netstat
  • df
  • ls
  • cat
  • grep
  • ps
  • cut


Credential type
SSH credentials.
The user must have permission to write to /tmp, have read access to all user processes, and be able to run REXX scripts.

Classifier, probe, and pattern

Table 1.
Classifier Trigger probe Pattern
IBM z/OS Horizontal Pattern: launches patterns IBM zOS Server

Data collected

Discovery populates the IBM zOS server [cmdb_ci_ibm_zos_server] table with the following information:
Label Field name
Name name
OS Version os_version
Operating system os
Manufacturer manufacturer
Serial number serial_number