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Load balancer: HAProxy

Load balancer: HAProxy

Discovery of HAProxy load balancers is performed by SSH.

Warning: DO NOT switch from probes to patterns if you are already running Discovery with probes, and your CMDB is already populated. If you do so, it is possible that the pattern Discovery process does not synchronize on the same values that the probe Discovery process does. This could result in duplicate CIs in your CMDB.

HAProxy is an open-source load balancer that can manage any TCP service. It is particularly suited for HTTP load balancing because it supports session persistence and Layer 7 processing. Discovery supports HAProxy for HTTP load balancing. TCP load-balancing is not supported.

Consider the following requirements for discovering the HAProxy:
  • The HAProxy software is installed and running on a Linux server.
  • The MID Server is deployed to explore the server and the MID Server has access to the server HAProxy configuration file.
  • The configuration probe checks for the haproxy.cfg file using one of the following methods:
    • Using the f parameter for the HAProxy process output.
    • Using the default /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg path.
  • The HAProxy probes require credentials and execute privileges to run commands.

Discovery uses the Unix - Active Processes probe to identify an HAProxy load balancer when the name of the process is haproxy. If this criterion matches, a record is created in the HAProxy Load Balancers [cmdb_ci_lb_haproxy] table if one does not already exist for that running process.

The following probes are triggered after classification:
Table 1. HAProxy probes
Probe Description Commands
HAProxy – Version The sensor of this probe populates the HAProxy version in the HAProxy Load Balancers [cmdb_ci_lb_haproxy] table. haproxy
HAProxy – Get Configuration The sensor of this probe populates additional information in the HAProxy Load Balancers [cmdb_ci_lb_haproxy] table. The probe also populates information in the Load Balancer Service [cmdb_ci_lb_service], Load Balancer Pool [cmdb_ci_lb_pool], Load Balancer Pool Member [cmdb_ci_lb_pool_member], Load Balancer Interface [cmdb_ci_lb_interface], and Load Balancer Application [cmdb_ci_lb_apple] tables. echo, sed, cut, grep, egrep (within the Borne shell script)

In addition to populating the data, the following relationships records are created in CI Relationships [cmdb_rel_ci] table:

  • The records in the cmdb_ci_lb_appl table run on the cmdb_ci_web_server table records.
  • The records in the cmdb_ci_lb_service table use the cmdb_ci_lb_pool table records.
  • The records in the cmdb_ci_pool table are used by the cmdb_ci_service table records.
  • The records in the cmdb_ci_pool table are members of the cmdb_ci_pool_member table records.
  • The records in the cmdb_ci_pool_member table are members of the cmdb_ci_pool table records.

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