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Database catalog discovery

Database catalog discovery

The database catalog lists all the catalog objects, or databases, discovered for an instance of a database.

Databases vs. catalogs

Most database manufacturers use the term catalog to mean database, while Microsoft MSSQL uses the term database. Database catalogs can be imported into your instance from a third-party discovery tool, entered into the platform manually, or found by Discovery.

Important: Discovery does not support Oracle or MySQL database catalog discovery in the base system. You must create probes and sensors to find these. However the Windows - MSSQL probe is available by default for MSSQL discovery. Starting with the Jakarta release, a pattern is also available. However the pattern and the probes do not populate the same information.

To view a database catalog, navigate to Configuration > Database Catalogs and select a database.

MSSQL usage of catalogs

MSSQL database catalogs store metadata about an MSSQL database in the MSFT SQL Catalog [cmdb_ci_db_mssql_catalog] table. In the base system, the MSFT SQL Catalog form contains two fields: Name and Database instance. You can customize the form layout to show additional fields.

To access an MSFT SQL catalog record:
  1. Navigate to Configuration > Database Instances > MSSQL and select a record.
  2. In the instance record, select the MSFT SQL Catalogs related list.
  3. Open an existing record from the list or click New to create a new catalog record.

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