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Configure the Azure Alert service to auto-update the CMDB

Configure the Azure Alert service to auto-update the CMDB

You can configure the Azure Alert service to auto-update the CMDB whenever a life cycle state or configuration change event occurs for an Azure resource. As a result, the system updates the CMDB without having to wait for Discovery to run.

Before you begin

  • Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_event_integration
  • Discovery has finished running with at least one resource group
  • A cloud account with Azure subscriptions (service accounts) and associated logical datacenters

About this task

When Alert sends an update, the instance processes the event and creates or updates the CI entry in the CMDB and the CI information in the User Portal. Each event is saved as a record in the Cloud Events, sn_cmp_cloud_event, table. You should only have one rule configuration per Azure service account. Alert rules are be created for all resources within this service account.


  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Admin Portal > Manage > Alert Configurations > Azure .
  2. Click New and fill in the form (see table):
    Field Description
    Service Account Service account.
    Resource Group Resource group where the alert rules should be stored. The system creates alert rules for all resources in this service account.
    User/Password Azure does not currently support authentication. To receive Azure Alert events, however, you must provide a username for an account with the sn_cmp.cloud_event_integration role.

    In addition, you must disable Authentication for the Cloud Event Scripted REST API as follows:

    1. As System Admin, open the Scripted REST API module.
    2. Open the record for Cloud Events.
    3. Under Resources, open Cloud Config Event Post.
    4. On the Security tab, unselect the Requires Authentication check box.
    Status [read only]
    • Updating
    • Activated
    • Deleting
    • Deleted
  3. Click Submit.

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