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Configure the Amazon AWS Config service to auto-update the CMDB

Configure the Amazon AWS Config service to auto-update the CMDB

The AWS Config service can auto-update the CMDB whenever a life cycle event occurs for an Amazon resource. As a result, the system updates the CMDB without having to wait for Discovery to run.

Before you begin

  • You need a cloud account with Amazon subscriptions (service accounts) and associated logical datacenters.
  • Role required: for Cloud Management— sn_cmp.cloud_event_integration, for Discovery— discovery_admin.

About this task

When Config sends an update, the instance processes the event and creates or updates the CI entry in the CMDB and the CI information in the User Portal. Each event is saved as a record in the Cloud Events, sn_cmp_cloud_event, table.


  1. Log in to your AWS account. On the Services page, navigate to Messaging > SNS.
  2. In this step, you create a topic (the communications channel used to send messages and subscribe to notifications). On the SNS dashboard, click Topics.
    1. Click Create new topic.
    2. Enter the Name and Description for the topic and then click OK.
  3. In this step, you create one or more subscriptions to the topic. Subscriptions subscribe endpoints to the topic to receive messages that the Config service publishes to the topic.
    1. On the Topics page, click the ARN link for the topic.
    2. On the Topic Details page, click Create subscription and then specify the following values:
      Protocol For the subscription that auto-update the CMDB, specify HTTPS or HTTP, as appropriate.
      Note: When you have created the HTTP or HTTPS subscription, you can create a separate subscription that sends email to a specified person.
      Endpoint URL of the instance plus additional information in the following format:

      HTTP or HTTPS: <protocol>://<username>:<user_password>@<instance_URL>/api/now/cloud_event

      For example:

      Email: <user_email_address>

      For example:
    3. Click Create subscription. Repeat the process to create as many subscriptions as needed.
  4. To receive AWS cloud events, perform the following steps:
    1. Check the Cloud Events [sn_cmp_cloud_event] table to find the received event with the AWS subscription confirmation URL.
    2. Copy the URL and paste it in the Confirm subscription field on the AWS SNS Topic.
  5. Navigate to Services > Management Tools > Config. On the AWS Config page, click Settings.
    1. Click Turn on to turn on recording. (This setting records the updates that happen to resources.)
    2. In the Resource types to record section: As needed, select either or both Record all resources supported in this region and/or Include global resources (specify the resource types).
    3. In the Amazon SNS topic section, select Stream configuration changes and notifications to an Amazon SNS topic and then select Choose a topic from your account.
    4. Select the Topic name from the list. Config sends the updates to the topic.

What to do next

After some events are generated, navigate to the Cloud User Portal to view the events.

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