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Use an Azure ARM template

Use an Azure ARM template

Use ARM templates to create resource blocks, blueprints, and catalog items.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_designer
  • Service account is activated.
  • ARM templates must be available in JSON format.


  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Admin Portal > Design > Cloud Templates.
  2. Click New and then enter a unique and meaningful Name and Short description.
  3. Specify the Type as ARM Template.
  4. Open the template file in a text editor and copy the text.
  5. On the Cloud Templates form, paste the text into the Body text box.
  6. Right-click in the header bar, click Save and click Submit.
  7. You have the following options:
    Create resource block Based on the settings in the template, generate a resource block that you can use in any resource block design. The resource block opens in the resource block form.
    Create blueprint and Catalog Item Based on the settings in the template, generate:
    • A resource block
    • A blueprint that contains the resource block
    • Based on the blueprint, generate a catalog item.
    You can modify the blueprint as needed.


The related list entries and associated settings are taken from the data in the original template.