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Configure endpoint operation mapping

Configure endpoint operation mapping

You can configure endpoint mapping on a storage volume to make a connection to a resource.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

In the following example, the endpoint mapping that is configured for a storage volume specifies the conditions that must be met and the operation to execute to make a connection to a resource (a virtual server in the example) that supports a binding interface to a Storage Volume. The storage volume implements the endpoint (type Block EP in the example) and the virtual server consumes the endpoint:
Endpoint representation
The settings on the example Resource Endpoint Mappings related list specifies the conditions and an action:
  • For a resource block that supports a binding interface to a Storage Volume
  • For a Source resource with CI type of Storage Volume
  • With an Endpoint type of Block EP (cmdb_ci_endpoint_block)

Use the Attach operation to implement the connection. Use the specified Operation Implementation to perform the Attach operation.

Attach operation


  1. While configuring a resource block, open the Resource Endpoint Mapping related list, click New, and then specify the following settings:
    Binding Resource resource block that consumes the Endpoint that the Source Resource presents.
    Endpoint Type of endpoint that the Source Resource presents.
    Type Type of operation to perform for the mapping. Only operations that are appropriate for the specified Endpoint appear in the list.
    Operation implementation Implementation that is called to perform the operation that you are defining in this mapping.
    Application Read-only. Cloud Management application.
    Source Resource resource block that can present an Endpoint of the type that you specified. You typically do not change this setting.
  2. Repeat the process for as many mappings as are needed.

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