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Publish a blueprint as a cloud service catalog item

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Publish a blueprint as a cloud service catalog item

You can create a catalog item based on a checked-in blueprint.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_designer


  1. Open a blueprint, and click the Operations tab.
  2. Check in the blueprint by clicking the Checked-in toggle.
  3. Click Create Catalog Item.
  4. Click Generate Entities to populate the Catalog Properties, Form UI Groups, and Events related lists from the values in the blueprint.
  5. Click Generate Service Catalog Item.
    The catalog item form appears. The catalog item is published to a catalog in the category you selected when you configured the blueprint.
  6. Enter a unique and meaningful Name, Short description, and Description, and then fill in the form.
    Active Select the Active check box to list the item on the service catalog.
    Workflow Change the workflow that carries out the procedure, or keep the default workflow: Blueprint Request.
    Catalogs Change the catalog or keep the default catalog: Cloud Service Catalog.
    Category Change the category if necessary.
    Blueprint Blueprint to use to create the catalog item.


    Click the Click to add... link and select an icon and image that appears in the catalog.
  7. To make the item visible in the catalog immediately, select the Active check box and then save the record.
  8. Click Item Diagnostic to test for any conflicting variables, AJAX calls, or other errors.
  9. Click Submit.

What to do next

Go to the User Portal, launch a stack, and verify that the item appears in the catalog. If you do not see the correct form fields, navigate back to the blueprint form record and add or remove catalog properties, UI groups, and so on.