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Example: create a catalog item from an ARM template

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Example: create a catalog item from an ARM template

This example shows you how to create a Windows virtual machine from an ARM template.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_designer


  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Admin Portal > Design > Cloud Templates.
  2. Click New and then enter a unique and meaningful Name and Short description.
  3. Specify the Type as ARM Template.
  4. Open the template file in a text editor and copy the text (See Example ARM template for Windows VM for the ARM template used in this example).
  5. On the Cloud Templates form, paste the text into the Body text box.
  6. Save the record: Right-click in the header bar and click Save.
  7. Click Create Blueprint and Catalog Item under Related Links.
    Figure 1. Example ARM template
    An example ARM template
  8. View the catalog item in the Blueprint Catalog Items list. After the system finishes generating the blueprint and the catalog item, it publishes it to the Cloud Service Catalog by default. The item is inactive and therefore not visible in the catalog yet.
    Figure 2. Blueprint catalog item example
    Blueprint catalog item example
  9. Click the catalog item name to open the item in the form view.
  10. Review the settings of the catalog item and update items like which catalog it should appear in or price.
    Note: To add or remove fields, you can right-click the form header, select Configure > Form Layout. For example, you might want to add the Price field.
    Figure 3. Blueprint catalog item form
    Blueprint catalog item form
  11. Click Item Diagnostic to verify that the catalog item variables, AJAX calls, or client scripts do not throw any errors.
  12. Publish the catalog item by selecting the Active check box, and then right-clicking the header and selecting Save.
    Figure 4. Publish blueprint catalog item
    Publish blueprint catalog item
  13. View the catalog item in the user portal by clicking User Portal in the application navigator.
    Figure 5. Example catalog item
    Example catalog item