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Select demands and projects for portfolio planning

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Select demands and projects for portfolio planning

After you select the fiscal period and set budget targets, select the demands and projects to include in budget planning. You can view all the demands and projects lined up for the selected fiscal year with their planned cost and priorities to finalize them for execution.

Before you begin

Role required: it_portfolio_manager

About this task

In this stage, you can perform a what-if analysis by including or excluding demands or projects and their planned cost. The planned cost is derived from all the cost plans created for a project or demand. It is the total of all the costs from all cost plans for a given project or demand in the fiscal year.


  1. Click Select Demands and Projects under Step 2 in portfolio workbench.
  2. In the planning view of portfolio workbench:
    In Bubble Chart Right-click and select:
    • View demand to open and view the demand form.
    • Select for execution to include a demand in portfolio planning.
    • Remove to exclude a demand from portfolio planning.
    In Timeline View
    • Use the check box next to each project or demand in the list to include or exclude it from planning.
  3. Review these items in the planning view to select the demands and projects to be included or excluded from planning:
    • Use the Cost (Planned vs. Target) chart to see planned costs versus the targets that you entered in the Set Target stage. If planned cost is more than the target cost, an exception icon () appears with the planned cost.
    • Use the Resource Overview chart to see how many resource hours are requested to execute the selected demands and projects. Compare that to how many requested resources have been confirmed/allocated across all portfolios.
    • Use the % Utilization heat map for all requested resources by the selected demands and projects in the portfolio.
    Note: To bring the planned cost within target budget and resource utilization within 100%, the portfolio manager deselects a few low priority demands or projects. These deselected demands and projects can be moved over to a different fiscal period.
  4. Review or revise the capex and opex budget for individual projects and demands directly using Capex Budget and Opex Budget columns, if required.
    Click the filter icon () in timeline view and add Capex Budget and Opex Budget columns if they are not visible.
  5. When the demands and projects are finalized, click Confirm.


  • The resources are confirmed for selected demands and projects. All associated resource plans move from Requested state to Confirmed state.
  • All selected demands are approved.
  • All selected demands are approved and converted to projects.
    Note: The selected demands are converted to projects only if the project property Create project(s) on confirming demands from portfolio workbench is set to true.

What to do next

Create and promote a budget plan if Portfolio Planning is set to Advanced.