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Demand workbench

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Demand workbench

The demand workbench provides a central location for viewing and assessing business demands.

The demand workbench makes it easy to manage demands by presenting multiple interactive views of demand information on one page. The workbench is split into two panes: the top pane presents an interactive bubble chart for assessing demands and the bottom pane displays the demand details in a list view.

The demand workbench provides real-time interaction between the two panes. Modifying a demand in the bubble chart automatically updates the values in the demand record. Similarly, changes made to a demand record are automatically reflected in the bubble chart.

By default, the workbench displays demands screened by stakeholders or qualified by the demand manager. With the demand manager role, you can use the workbench to:
  • View, evaluate, and update demands
  • Create demands
  • Create artifacts from demands, including projects, enhancements, changes, and defects
With the demand manager role, you can view and evaluate demands.
Figure 1. Demand WorkbenchDemand workbench
The demand workbench includes the following components:
  • The top pane displays demands in a bubble chart.
  • The bottom pane displays demands in a list view.
  • The header includes a back button (back button) that opens the Demands list.