View my showback statements as a showback user

As a showback entity owner, you can view all the showback statements that are assigned to you. You can review them and raise a dispute if there is discrepancy or accept them.

Before you begin

Role required: showback_user


  1. Navigate to Financial Charging > My Showback Statements.
  2. View the list of showback statements that are assigned to you.
    • Fiscal period: Period for which the showback statement is generated.
    • Total cost: Cost of the service for which you have been charged.
    • State: Status of the showback statement.
    • Assigned to: Reporting entity user that utilized the service.

    If you have a disagreement to any or all the statement lines, you may raise a dispute.

  3. Use the Raise a dispute UI action from the Statement expense line of the showback statement or navigate to My Open Disputes to raise a dispute.