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Define a product release

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Define a product release

Define a planned release for a product. The content of the release is decided by the features and associated requests for change that it implements.

Before you begin

Role required: Product Release Manager [sn_erm.product_release_manager]


  1. Navigate to Enterprise Release Management > Product Releases > All products.
  2. Click New.
  3. On the Product Release form, fill the following fields:
    Table 1. Product Release form fields
    Field Description
    Number System-generated number with a configurable prefix.
    State State of the product release.
    Short description Brief description of the release.
    Description More verbose description of the release.
    Product version Used to track the features released in each product version.
    Release type Type of release: Major, Minor, Emergency, or Patch.
    Media Library Link to an entry (pointing to the deployment build) in the Definitive Media Library [dsl] table.
    Planned start date Intended date the product release begins.
    Planned end date Intended date the product release ends.
    Actual start date Date that this product release began.
    Actual end date Date that this product release ended.
  4. Click Submit.

What to do next

  1. Use the Attach task related link.
  2. Select a task and associate it with the product release.
Based on the type of task selected, the task appears in the Enhancement, Defect, Epic, Story, or Problem related lists.